Sony and Olympus is enjoying lots of attention thanks to their strong GWP promotion and their well-laid-out merchandise display. Customers will get amazing freebies when they buy any of their featured cameras in selected Hong Kong stores. Through their visually appealing window display, they are able to showcase their products and promotional gifts.

merchandise display

merchandise display

Hong Kong is the shopping hub of Asia so this raises a question & a huge challenge.  How can I make my brand stand out?  What sets them apart from competitors is the use of high-quality promotional giveaways. Moreover, their promotion is made even stronger by their clever use of merchandise display!

merchandise display

merchandise display

When done right, your merchandise display can help increase sales and solidify trust. How? Read on.

Merchandise Display: Why You Need It Too

  • Visually Enticing: Neatly arranged merchandise are pleasing to the eyes. They put similar products and colors together to create continuity and harmony. Here, we can see that the wearable merchandise (shirt, cap, socks, bag) are grouped together. Next to theses items are drinking cups and wallets. The arrangement allows buyers to focus on items they find interesting. When viewed from a distance, the window display looks full-packed but not chaotic.
merchandise display

merchandise display

  • Stimulates Curiosity: Their creative display makes one wonder what other cool promotional products the shop has in store for them. Well laid-out POS display looks lively and vibrant, attracting shoppers to check out their store.
  • Highlights Products: The use of appropriate lighting technique highlights the products and make them look more glamorous. Proper lighting helps shift shopper’s focus to their featured item, thus, the brand becomes more noticeable.
merchandise display

merchandise display

  • Engaging: An eye-catching product display is important to  deliver your message and get the attention of customers. In our example, customers were able to know of their promotion through effective merchandise display. As such displaying the products near the window significantly improved customer engagement.

What We Learned From This Marketing Idea

How you present your products can make or break your brand. Great presentation can vastly improve shopping experience, so it’s important that you pay close attention to your displays. A good merchandise display can definitely influence your customers’ buying decision.

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Great reads to power up your campaign and merchandise displays:

What will make my product displays look more attractive?

There are several factors that your brand might want to consider before designing the appropriate product display that will complement your product line.

a. Do I have variety? Your product display should be able to display the variance in your product line, and ideally exhibit the different options your brand has to offer

b. Is my merchandise being sold in retail or being display in my personal storefront? When selling in retail, you are competing with your rivals in close proximity.

c. How can I make my display more interactive? Your merchandise display should attract potential customers. This becomes easier to grab people’s attention when your displays are interactive and engaging.

Ultimately, market research is crucial to understand what will attract your target customers.

Why are merchandise displays effective?

Merchandise displays are effective because it allows your potential customers to experience the product prior to purchase. This is different from what you might expect from e-commerce, whereby consumers might tend to avoid purchasing products that they have never had experience with or do not understand. It also allows your brand to exhibit products that are high in value with better security.

Why should I invest in a good merchandise display?

Merchandise displays are especially effective when your product exists in a retail environment. With so many competitors within close proximity, a unique and engaging merchandise display will definitely redirect their interests and attention to your product.