The use of promotional products remains to be the best form of advertising. By designing merchandise with your brand visuals, you are bringing your brand closer to your target market. These Kung Fu Panda colorful promotional ping pong paddles are a great example!

Designing Merchandise for Movies: Kung Fu Panda Ping Pong Paddles

Designing Merchandise for Movies: Kung Fu Panda Ping Pong Paddles

These eye-catching sports merchandise are designed to add fun and excitement to your game. Moreover, they make a remarkable giveaway from your company.

Here we explain what we love about this product and how designing promotional items can benefit your business.

Designing Merchandise for Movies: Kung Fu Panda Ping Pong Paddles

Designing Merchandise for Movies: Kung Fu Panda Ping Pong Paddles

What Makes This Promotional Item Interesting?

  • Relatable: The cultural aspect of the movie deeply resonates with Chinese moviegoers. China is the second largest consumer market, and having a merchandise that highlights their unique culture makes your brand more relatable.
  • Great Design: The smooth surface area of these ping pong paddles are great for printing. Printing your logo or tagline on the surface enhances brand visibility. For these ping pong paddles, full color heat transfer is used on both sides to achieve rich, high-quality designs. Clear prints allow fans to recognize the movie characters in one glance!
  • Product Reflects Movie Theme: It’s a family-friendly movie, and the use of ping pong paddles to promote it is just perfect. After watching, family members and friends can play ping pong together. This can help improve their relationship and motivate them to stay fit.
  • Useful: This type of giveaway is useful for students, athletes, and sports enthusiasts, and they are always being used during sports fests/tournaments. As a result, people will associate your brand with cool promotional gifts.

Indeed, the creative concept behind this campaign transformed these ordinary paddles into effective marketing tools. Therefore, great design is clearly the key to achieving your promotional goals.

Benefits of Designing Merchandise for Promotional Campaigns:

  • Brand Recall: Designing promotional merchandise with brand visuals can significantly boost your presence. Through your designs, customers will always remember your brand. In this case, fans will not forget to watch Kung Fu Panda after a tiring match!
  • Customer Relationship: High-quality products sometimes last for years. This means they’ll be using your brand every day! Choosing the best printing technique ensures that your designs will not wash off after a few uses. With this, customers will think your brand is truly reliable!
  • Customizable Branding: Surprise them with something extraordinary, yet useful, such as these custom ping pong paddles. Using the rackets as novelty gifts can draw the interest of your audience. By incorporating your message into your designs, you will be able to create eye-catching branded items that people will be proud to use.
  • Emotional Appeal: Giving away branded freebies and gifts can make your customers feel important. As a result, it makes your product/service, cause, and brand more valuable. They would want to patronize your brand because you make them feel good.


How can ODM help?

Thinking of a creative approach for your promotional product can be difficult. Luckily, at ODM, our designers are experts in designing merchandise! You can rely on us for beautiful concepts to boost your campaign. Enquire with product code ODM-6183 to get a quote for this item.

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