Cargo bikes and food carts are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and mobility. They offer numerous advertising advantages to business owners and convenience to customers. If you are keen to jump to the trend, let ODM help you with custom cargo bike manufacture. Our team can help you from brainstorming to designing, and manufacturing of promotional cargo bikes.


Check out this Example!

We certainly love this custom food cart as a street advertisement; which is located outside of a restaurant in Finland. Food carts are becoming increasingly popular, the ability to customize a bike is a competitive advantage. Also, this custom cargo bike is not only a great idea for customers to be creative, but also for the company to gain brand recognition.

custom cargo bike manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

In addition, the food cart outside of a restaurant is a good street advertisement tactic. Its novelty gets customers to stop and consider eating at the restaurant.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

The purpose of a Custom Cargo Bike:

Cargo bikes are the new in bikes. These cargo bikes are trendy and there is a great reason for that: they are amazing bikes. We usually see them at festivals and on the streets. As mentioned before, these bikes are practical and fun to ride. It can haul everything from equipment, groceries, to large pieces of furniture. Also, these bikes can move gears through traffic-choked cities faster. Furthermore, there are many different models and uses for this Cargo bike; business or individual use.


Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture – Many Models:

One of the models from Italy, the Attila Heavy Duty Tricycle, is an ideal bike. Whereas cars cannot enter restricted areas, this bike serves. For instance, the Attila Heavy Duty Tricycle bike is seen at music festivals, picnics, and day outs. Another model is the Wagon Bike. This bike is also known as a “work bike” because it can carry deliveries that are both heavy and bulky. Lastly, the Cyclopes model is for heavy loads, which is useful when delivering parcels to businesses and homes.


Below, are some of our favorite custom cargo bike styles. Check them out:

The harsh sunlight and dust could affect the quality of your products. Perfect as a mobile kitchen and selling food-on-the-go, this cargo bike model has a detachable roof, which adds an extra layer of protection for your food products. Furthermore, the retro style will surely win the hearts of those who love anything vintage.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture



This one is more suited for hauling heavy materials, groceries, and parcels. It is an electric cargo bike and can charge up to 6-8 hours. You can even use it to drive kids around the park.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture


This one is perfect as a mobile coffee shop, ice cream, snacks, and food-to-go cart, hotdog stand, and juice stand. It can be customized with water sink and steel box containers. We also love the multifunctional rear box added to the custom cargo bike.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture



Got fresh produce to sell? This retail bike will bring products to your customers’ doorsteps. This is especially useful during this time of pandemic since stores are closed for the meantime. Here, you got custom compartments for baskets, allowing you to showcase your products in a visually-appealing way.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Here is the side view of the cargo bike. Add a mini blackboard to show the prices. You can customize them to match your advertising needs.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture


Ideal for ice cream and drinks, this bike. You can custom design the carts to make them suitable for your branding requirements. The logo can also be printed on the canopy to make your brand visible.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture


Electric Bike with Box: This one houses a smaller box and is ideal for delivering food, newspaper, mail, and even groceries

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture


We love the vintage appeal of this front-loading wooden custom cargo bike. There is a huge space to print your logo on and a huge space for carrying heavy loads. Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture 

We like this custom cargo bike because it comes with a detachable plastic cover. This will keep all your merchandise and even passengers safe from the rain. You can also customize them to have cushioned seats and stirrups for kids.

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture




Custom Cargo Bikes Manufacture: Why is street Advertisement an Advantage:

  • Brand awareness: The constant visibility of seeing these bikes will make the customers keep the brand in mind and in the future want to buy one.
  • Broader target audience: Great marketing platform to reach a broader audience. Street advertising can give a company easier access to consumers that can sometimes be difficult to reach.
  • Convenience: Cargo bikes allow you to bring your merchandise to the people. Furthermore, upkeep is not as expensive as renting a retail space. If you are thinking of participating in events, this could serve as a good point of sale display idea.
  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike motorbikes or delivery trucks, cargo bikes do not emit toxic gases. As such, they are considered an eco-friendly alternative to diesel-run vehicles.


These bikes are usable as a mode of transportation. Many countries use these bikes as their taxis. The bikes can transform into vendors to sell food or items. The most popular feature for these bikes is for luggage, especially in hostels, airports, or hotels; to transport the guests’ bags to their rooms. These bikes are also used for smaller purposes like holding groceries, in farming areas to hold the equipment and to travel around the cities.

To summarize, the custom bikes are appealing! Mainly for its simple concepts and design. Also, street advertisement is a great incentive to promote brand awareness and to increase sales among target audiences.


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What is a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is a human-powered vehicle designed to haul and transport heavy loads and even two or more people. It usually consists of hauling cargo and a standard bicycle. They offer the convenience of transporting loads and the health benefits of cycling.

What are the different types of cargo bikes?

There are many types of cargo bikes. One of the most popular types is the electric bike. Here are some of them: Cycle Truck, Porteur Bike, Bakers or Butchers Bike, and Long John Bicycles.

What are the benefits of using a cargo bike?

Hauling and transporting heavy loads and people with ease. It also allows people to navigate narrow streets where cars can't traverse. For business, they make great pop up stores.

Any guide on cargo bike manufacture?

When it comes to cargo bike manufacture, you should always consider the functionality. You can always add extra features such as cushioned seats and stirrups for kids. Some cargo bikes that are designed for carrying people even come with a water-repellant cover. The posssibilities are endless.