Jim Beam are well known around the world for their bourbon whisky. Lately in Singapore, we spotted them offering their Citrus Highball beverage in a promotional cart.  Here’s how this idea makes a fantastic marketing strategy for introducing a product to potential customers.

Promotional Cart by Jim Beam

Promotional Idea – Citrus Highball Cart by Jim Beam Singapore

The brand rolled out the Citrus Highball cart outside of bars and restaurants during the night time. This refreshing cocktail, a blend of citrus fruit juice and Jim Beam’s White Label, went hand in hand with the summery designed POS display cart. Furthermore, the branding is very clear, with the Citrus Highball logo appearing across the yellow roof and white side of the cart.

What factors make the promotional cart a great product?

  • Design: The bright yellow roof resembles lemons, which is a key ingredient in the beverage. Thus, making the cart easier to spot, but also staying relevant to the product. Also, the products can reach a wider audience due to the fact that it can be wheeled outside bars and restaurants in Singapore. Both of these places are where this drink has seen a rise in popularity.
  • Brand/Product Awareness: Bringing the product to the target audience is a much more effective strategy when introducing something new. This type of outdoor advertising will boost your brand awareness due to the exposure of the logo to passerby’s. It’s eye-catching design, will spark their interest in wanting to know more about or taste the drink.
  • Boost sales: Customers are more likely to purchase your goods after sampling it, leading to an increase of sales.

We believe that this Jim Beam marketing idea is very effective. Potential customers can be found in public spaces, so why not bring the product to them? If you are looking for your own customized product for your next marketing campaign, let us know.

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