Jim Beam, the brand of bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, is currently one of the best selling brands of bourbon in the world. To enhance its position, the company is running a new promotion. Every customer who buys a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon is rewarded with this unique promotional gift.

Jim Beam Promotion – GWP

This exclusive Jim Beam vibration speaker is a promo item which is really interesting because especially young customers are connected to Jim Beam and their products. This promo product also addresses trendy party crowds. Therefore it really is a product that fits to the strategy of the company. Furthermore it is not one of those promo gifts you see everyday, but a special one. This is a unique selling point for the company.

All in all this promo item emphasizes the demand of the company to be the number one in their field.   What is the best GWP (Gift with Purchase) Promotion you have received from a drinks company?

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Now it is time for some words in German:

Der Marktführer in Sachen Bourbon hat eine neue Promotion gestartet um seine Martanteile noch weiter auszubauen. Bei Kauf einer hochwertigen Bourbonflasche der Marke Jim Beam erhält der Kunde einen speziellen Vibrationslautsprecher gratis. Mit diesem ungewöhnlichen Werbeartikel unterstreicht Jim Beam seinen Anspruch sich auf jedem Gebiet von Konkurrenten abzuheben.