Famous Amos is a company, which was founded in 1975 and they are well known for their home made style cookies. They started a really exclusive promotion related to cookies in Malaysia.

With every purchase of 300g cookies in bag and above you get a free Teddy Fun Clip. They are available in every Famous Amos outlet in Malaysia.

Teddy Fun Clip GWP

The Teddy Fun Clip is a good promotional item because it is very cute. This is a reason why people could buy cookies at Famous Amos outlets instead of buying some other kind of cookies. Also it has a recognition value because of its cuteness. These aspects make this gift with purchase so unique.

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Just a few words for our German readers:

Diesen süßen Bär muss man einfach haben. Er überzeugt nicht nur mit seiner Niedlichkeit, sondern auch mit seiner Handlichkeit und hat einen großen Wiedererkennungswert. Dieser Werbeartikel hat starken Bezug zu dem Produkt und ist deshalb sehr gut geeignet für Promotionszwecke.