Collectible freebies with drinks are a great incentive for making customers feel attracted to buying your product. This Japanese drinks company have done just that and are currently giving out collectible freebies with drinks with every purchase.

Collectible Freebies with Drinks

Collectible Freebies with Drinks

Although these freebies with drinks are small they surely attract all of the attention on the shelf. With this attraction customers, even if they haven’t tried your brand before, are more willing to try it. In this promotion we can see these collectible freebies include: a spoon, paper clip, and a sticker. A variety of freebies with drinks means the customer is more likely to return to collect the other on pack gift with purchase items. This will increase customer loyalty and retention and this definitely helps raise your brand awareness.

Why should brands offer freebies with drinks?

No matter how small people love receiving a gift with purchase item! They could be the marketing tool that will successfully push the client to try and buy your product. In general it’s a great way to get a stronger foothold in the market, and with there being so many brands already on the shelves it could be the technique that sets you out from the rest. Furthermore a freebies can:

  • Improve brand recollection. A collectible freebie leaves an impact on customers, which means they will recollect your brand over other brands.
  • Effective way to advertise. If another customer spots your product with the freebie promotion and like it, customers will tell other potential customers through the word of mouth technique, therefore increasing your brand awareness.
  • Customer loyalty. Often a freebies with drinks promotion will make customers view your brand as more valuable and positive. In which case customers will continue to return and buy your product in the future.

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