Here’s an interesting collectible gift with purchase from Knorr. Customers will get collectible branded plates for every purchase of 6pcs Knorr Sinigang Original 20g.

The plates come in different designs that shoppers will surely love. Additionally, there’s a free recipe tips at the back of the pack, which is helpful for anyone who buys the seasonings.

6 Easy Steps for a Winning Collectible Gift with Purchase Campaign

6 Easy Steps for a Winning Collectible Gift with Purchase Campaign


Collectible promos are a great way to increase sales and make your brand known. this is because it appeals to people’s love for collecting “rare” and exclusive products. Shoppers feel rewarded when they get all the designs on offer because in a way, it taps into people’s competitive nature.

One of the brands that had success with collectible promos is Nestle. In their previous campaign, the brand gave away branded tote bags as on-pack gifts. The bags come in two different designs that customers can use for shopping and running errands.


But what made Knorr’s collectible gift with purchase remarkable? Below, we share some of the things we love about this product.


We Love Knorr’s Collectible gift with purchase promotions because…

  • Practical Items Ensure Stronger Brand Engagement: Because the plates will definitely be used on a daily basis, Knorr is able to create stronger brand engagement. The more customers use and see them, the more they are reminded of Knorr. Moreover, receiving something from the brand they support gives them more reason to remain loyal to the company and look forward to their next projects.
6 Easy Steps for a Winning Collectible Gift with Purchase Campaign

6 Easy Steps for a Winning Collectible Gift with Purchase Campaign


  • Simple Packaging – The main selling products are bound to the plate by a plastic wrap. And although this is not the most interesting packaging, we feel that it helped the campaign gain traction because shoppers were able to see the designs available.


  • Smart Choice of Product: Using plates for their campaign is a smart choice. The gwp product signifies the promise of “good food” when they use their seasoning. More importantly, plates are fairly easy to source and customize. There’s also ample space for printing logo and brand name. However, Knorr opted for simple and dainty designs without brand name to keep them clean and presentable.

So, to ensure the success of your campaign, we would like to share some quick tips for setting up the best collectible gift with purchase promotions. Check them out below:


6 Super easy Steps for a Winning Collectible Gift with Purchase Promo

  • Choose the Right Product: How do you know if it’s the right promotional product? It should be related to your industry in order to convey your message clearly. In this example, the promise of delicious foods when customers use their Knorr seasoning is represented by their freebie plate. Or, if you’re selling liquor drinks, a gwp beer glass will make great customer incentive. For cosmetic business, a promotional toiletry bag or custom pocket mirror will certainly make customers happy. Not only are they related to the main selling product, but they will be of use to customers.


  • Choose a Design: For collectibles, it’s necessary to have several designs to choose from. This will ensure repeat purchases and higher sales. You might want to have a theme that you can base your designs on.


  • Create Urgency: Use terms like “limited” and “available until xxx” in your packaging. Creating urgency is effective because shoppers “fear of missing out.” And this will prompt them to make a decision before leaving the store: to buy it or miss out on a good deal.


  • Let Your Packaging Speak for You: Shoppers judge the reliability and the efficacy of the product by its packaging. The more engaging and attractive the brand packaging design is, the more clients and customers want your products. A well-thought out packaging makes customers feel that you care about your brand image. And because you care about your image, they will certainly feel that you strive to give them only the best. So, invest in a high-quality promotional product packaging. Here’s an excellent example from Bulleit Bourbon:

Bulleit Bourbon’s packaging is a canvas drawstring pouch. It’s multifunctional as customers can use them for crushing ice. They can also use them as a coin purse or for keeping small items at home.


  • Upsell: The main goal of gifts with purchase promotions is to push customers to buy a certain amount or a certain product in order to get the “gift.” As such, it is necessary to be clear how mush they should spend or what product to buy to get a freebie. In this example, it’s clear that customers need to buy 6 pieces “Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix” to get a free custom plate. And, because it’s a collectible promo, they will have to buy more to complete the designs.


  • Take Advantage of Important Celebrations: Offering a seasonal gift with purchase creates exclusivity and urgency. For instance, offering a free custom plush toy in the shape of a pug (or any animal of the zodiac) might be a good GWP for Chinese New Year. The gift fits the celebration and so people would want to purchase the products now more than any time of the year, boosting conversion and sales.


So, are you ready to start your own winning collectible gift with purchase? If so, why not contact our team? Our in-house designers at Mindsparkz can help you the best possible designs for your promotional gifts. The ODM Group team is here to help you with all your sourcing and manufacturing needs. If you are interested in our products and services, contact us now! Otherwise, you may also view our blogs for more inspiration.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a gift with purchase (GWP)?

A gift with purchase is a marketing strategy used to retain old customers and attract new customers into purchasing products from the company. It involves providing a free gift upon purchase. The gift can range from lower end products such as paper clips to high end products such as Bluetooth speakers.

Why are gift with purchases good incentives?

Customers believe in purchasing products that are value for money and they will never turn down an attractive offer that guarantees them a free gift. Hence, it attracts customers to purchase this product instead of a product of their competitors.