It houses so many brands, and the products come bearing promotional gifts more often than not. Among the freebies we can add to that impressive list is a promo eco bag.  Though they’re not always lavish, they prove to be functional collectibles to consumers, young and old.

nestle promo eco bag

How To Cash In On Promo Eco Bag – A Nestlé Collectible

As it goes with Bear Brand Adult Plus Milk Powder, Nestlé immediately shows who they target – the mature market. The directness is just right, since the elderly customers can use the in-pack merchandise well while shopping.

The straps, to be specific, allow them to hang the bag on their shoulder and keep their hands free. It doesn’t have a zipper, but they can draw the strings tight to secure the wallet and other belongings inside. The lightweight fabric that the company made it from is something that will easily blend in wet and dry markets too.

nestle promo eco bag

How To Cash In On Promo Eco Bag – A Nestlé Collectible

Another stunning point of the customizable product is its simplicity. They inked the statement using 1-color (1C) printing, which explains why it’s in black and white. Despite the lack of lively colors, the bag still does not look boring. It won’t distract the consumers’ focus as well, so they can understand the brand message.

ODM like the use of a Cardboard box with see threw window.   Means that the Bear Brand and the bag are both visible and cannot become detached.  The bright yellow free gift with purchase certainly makes this stand out on the shelf.

nestle promo eco bag 1

How To Cash In On Promo Eco Bag – A Nestlé Collectible

What ad factors should you learn from this promo eco bag?

  • Practicality. The cost of producing the gift with purchase should not maximize your budget. This Nestlé collectible, for instance, has either heavy cotton or canvas as raw material. You can run hundreds of it through a sewing machine and wrap them soon after. Efficient, isn’t it?
  • Call-to-Action. Advertisements that affect folks mentally and emotionally are treasures for the business. Consumers, in particular, love to read CTAs that motivate them to reach and work for their dreams. Even if they’re having a tough day, seeing the bag’s statement may stir them to keep moving forward.
  • Branding. They may give emphasis to the texts, yet the Bear Brand logo remains prominent. Its spot on the bottom-right corner of the shopping sack is actually fine, because the designs don’t conceal it.

In Conclusion

A promo eco bag is a super customizable product. The monochrome style suits the Nestlé brand as they have the adult audience to promote to. You may add more color and flavor to this idea, for sure, once you generate it for your company.

With all the details resolved, won’t you wish to cash in on this unique bag now? Stay in touch with the ODM Group until you’re ready to say ‘yes’. Cheers!   Nestlé is like the all-year-round Santa Claus in the food industry – check out out blog for more on Nestle.

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