When done correctly, gift-with-purchases can better your liquor merchandising! Here we see CAMUS giving customers free custom travel bags with the purchase of a Cognac bottle In Zhuhai’s duty-free store. CAMUS’s marketing strategy could be improved with a few changes. Using these 8 tips, find out how to successfully promote a GWP in duty-free!

Strengths in CAMUS’ Liquor Merchandising

1) Upselling goods-  CAMUS have effectively provided themselves with an upselling opportunity. Upselling is a great way to persuade a customer in to purchasing add-ons, attempting to maximise sales. As you can see in the image displayed, the signage shows an upselling promotion. So by purchasing a CAMUS cognac bottle, customers receive two free travel bags. This add-on will benefit CAMUS by maximising the amount of bottles sold.

2) Colour scheme- The brown, black and gold colours used to style the GWP travel bags create a similar colour scheme that portrays the CAMUS brand. This technique is important in gaining brand reputation and customer awareness during their giveaway.

3) Providing samples- CAMUS have provided customers with samples of the giveaways so they can secure the trust of customers. By providing the samples rather than just back drop displays, customers recognise the brand as trustworthy and reputable.

Liquor Merchandising

Things that could be improved

4) Labelling- CAMUS haven’t used enough labelling within their liquor merchandising during this GWP campaign. Labelling is the first thing the customer will see as it communicates the product to them at first sight. Without labelling, customers won’t notice the GWP.

5) POS display stand- Providing the GWP travel bags with POS display units will help make the products noticeable in the duty-free store. As you can see, CAMUS have not used this tool during their in store GWP promotional campaign. There is no clear indication that something is being promoted which will lead customers to ignoring from the product. Free standing shop displays attract customers to the liquor merchandising. It marks the product as significant in the store, rather than displaying it as another brand of liquor.

6) Shelve/wall display- Brands should provide customers with shelves and/or wall displays for both their product and the GWP. This means having more than one GWP displayed, incorporating enough signage and indicating what products are part of the promotion. CAMUS have not provided customers with efficient displays that suggest what is added in the promotion. Signage is important in attracting customer awareness and approach. Similarly a bottle glorifier can be added to the liquor merchandising to better the appearance of the promotional campaign.

7) Location- Location of the GWP promotion is important in securing customer attention.  POS display stands give brands options on where to set up their campaign. It also gives brands an opportunity to set up their display in a customer hot spot where they are more likely to impulse buy. By setting up their GWP display in the corner shelf of the duty free store, CAMUS won’t have the opportunity to gain as much recognition from customers. Also, The CAMUS GWP is positioned in front of the Louis Royer Cognac VSOP rather than in front of their own liquor merchandise. This confuses customers as they don’t know who is promoting the GWP.

8) Diversity- Customers appreciate GWP’s that differ from other brands, so innovation is key when choosing what to provide customers as a gift-with-purchase.

For example;

  • Our sister company Mindsparkz have designed Trolley Pockets. Giving customers this luxury free gift is a perfect way to beat your competitors during your next campaign.

    Liquor Merchandising- Mindsparkz Trolley Pockets


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There are many brands using GWP’s to maximise their sales. But in order to be successful, their custom designed bags and liquor merchandising must be attractive, well thought of and different from other brands.  If any of these 8 merchandising strategies have sparked your interest, then we’d love to hear from you! Place an inquiry with ODM services so your liquor merchandising and GWP production needs are managed!


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