The China Duty-Free Group have promoted an offer in all of eight of their Duty Zero stores in Hong Kong International Airport. Get a free bag when you spend over HK$888 worth of wine. Offering a luxury free gift is a great way to push customers to buy your product. Particularly  this beautifully designed weekender bag offered here, a great example of promotional wine gifts.


Luxury Free Gift: Hong Kong Duty Free Offers One Off For Customers!

Luxury Free Gift: Hong Kong Duty Free Offers One Off For Customers!



Newly formed in November 2017 and operated by CDFL, Duty Zero has invested in producing Custom promotional merchandise to increase their sales. We really like this idea, as the branded travel accessory is both sleek and useful at the same time.

This certainly isn’t the first time we have seen a branded gift with purchase. This reminds us of the promotion by Hong Kong company Maitre de Vin. Indeed, they offered a complimentary gift with purchase of their Wine dispenser. This was particularly impressive as the free gift was designed with consideration of the customer desires – a oak cheese board and knife set. Similar to this, the offering of a luxury gift can enhancing the loyalty with your target buyers.



Benefits of offering a Luxury Free Gift:

Useful: If thought out well, it can be one that actually enhances the customer experience with your product. We saw this above with the free cheese board offered with a wine dispensary. Here, located in an airport, it is likely the clients will require a bag to hold the wine in during travel. Thus, this trendy travel bag offers the perfect match of style and usefulness.

Increases revenues: setting a minimum purchase amount for an item people want, the clients will be more willing to spend the necessary amount to get it. Therefore your revenues increase.

Builds Customer Loyalty: A sophisticated, timeless and high-quality luxury gift will increase customer loyalty with your brand. This will make them more likely to re-purchase your goods. Therefore, it increases your customer base, and extend your number of regular clients.

– Something Extra: When used with a POS display and in store display they really bring the message home that clients are buying something worthwhile, and that the brand running this campaign is giving you something extra for free.


Luxury Free Gift: Hong Kong Duty Free Offers One Off For Customers!

Luxury Free Gift: Hong Kong Duty Free Offers One Off For Customers!



Personalized Promotional Products are therefore a great method to push shoppers to buy your products. Would a luxury gift enhance your customer loyalty whilst increasing sales? Luxury Free Gifts have showed to be perfect tools for brands at a low cost. Because of this, they are a great marketing strategy.

We would love to hear from you at the ODM group. We can help you design, source and manufacture unique promotional products that will compliment your brand.



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