Address: ODM Asia Ltd, 4A Hong Zhu Building, Jida,NO. 1203 Jiuzhou Avenue, Zhuhai

Address in Chinese: 珠海香洲区九洲大道东 1203 号洪珠大厦 4A





From Zhuhai JiuZhou Port – our office is just a 6 minute taxi journey. Please play the above voiceclip to your taxi driver and show them this map.

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!




Where we are in Zhuhai:

ODM Zhuhai

ODM Zhuhai


ODM Zhuhai

ODM Zhuhai








1 Room in New Office

1 Room in New Office

ODM Moving Office in Zhuhai

ODM Moving Office in Zhuhai




Zhuhai, located in the Pearl River Delta, is a buzzing city, home to just under 2 million people and a ferry ride away from Hong Kong! Located on the Southern coast of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai is one of the main tourist destinations in mainland China as it is widely known for being China’s Riviera. Beaches, hiking, bars, islands to explore, shopping and pedestrianized areas that are great for taking a run – this city really does have it all! Participating in a China internship to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any young professionals and students.

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!


Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!


Zhuhai 珠海, literally meaning ‘Pearl Sea’, has many pull factors which attract foreigners to it:

  • Lower Air Pollution than inland cities: When compared to Chinese mainland cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou, because of its location next to the sea and distance from ‘factory areas’ of China Zhuhai’s pollution is generally considered to be much lower. 


  • Modern: Zhuhai is incredibly new, established as a city only in 1979, it was one of the first Special Economic  Zones after the opening of China. Due to this, the buildings, roads, shopping malls and public spaces have an extremely modern and vamped up feel to them. Whilst Zhuhai does not have a metro system, its bus network is great and very easy to use.


  • Relatively cheap to get around: when compared to other cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. Bus journey’s cost just 2-4RMB to the majority of locations across the city. Likewise, the average taxi ride will cost from 10-20RMB. This reasonable pricing and convenient pricing has a lot to do with both Zhuhai’s small size and the well planned out road networks.


  • Travel Access: Zhuhai is an incredible place to travel from. This attraction will be outlined further in the subsequent section.


  • Borders Hong Kong & Macau: Whilst it has a small city feel in comparison to other Chinese cities it is just a car journey to Macau and a ferry trip from Hong Kong.


  • Rated ‘most livable city in China’ for the past 3 years. This is certainly based on factors such as housing prices, environment and economic competitiveness. When Blossom Tree Season arrived in Zhuhai we could hardly contain ourselves!






  • ALWAYS have where you want to go written down in Chinese characters. Taxi drivers do not speak English. They, generally, do not read pinyin (romanized Chinese characters) either so always make sure to have the location in characters on your phone or a piece of paper with it written down.


  • Get WeChat! This social media / messaging/general life (is there anything it doesn’t do?!) platform will certainly ease your life in China. First of all, everyone has it so it is a great way to stay connected with friends in China and colleagues. Secondly, if low on cash you can pay in pretty much all shops using ‘WeChat Pay’. Thirdly, it allows you access to great things – including bike hire in China. Bike schemes have exploded over the past couple of years, with major firms such as Ofo and Mobike dominating the market. In order to unlock the bikes, you must scan a QR code which takes you directly to WeChat to receive the unlock code. Bikes will enhance your time in Zhuhai as they are both fun & great convenient but you must have WeChat installed in order to gain access to them.


  • Learn the word ‘FaPiao’ – said like fa pee-ow – this word will be extremely useful. It is Chinese for ‘receipt’ which you can use in taxis (in case any belongings are left behind they can be retrieved), to get receipts for any company expenses you may need to collect or in restaurants to get the bill. Also, another handy one is Pi Jiu – said like pee joe – meaning Beer!


  • Buying a train ticket in China can be tough if you don’t speak any Mandarin. Instead, download Ctrip and buy it on there. They will instruct you on how to pick up your tickets at a Chinese train station – it is extremely easy.



Chinese Food

In China eating out is both extremely cheap and convenient – with hundreds of new dishes and cuisines always available to discover.

There is an abundance of styles of unique cooking, spices, and flavors with each province having its own traditional dishes. As a result if you are a foodie and open-minded to trying new food things you will be in your element in Zhuhai. Kung Pao Chicken, Jiaozi dumplings, Lanzhou Noodles, Yu Xiang Eggplant and Peking Duck – you name it, they’ve got it! If you’re a foodie and especially if you are open minded to trying new things you will be in your element.

Meal times are a social experience in themselves. Usually, its communal dishes shared out on a big round table with an inner rotating disk to pass the food around. Differing from the Western experience, food will often come out at different times and do not be shocked if lots of food comes! Often it is so you can have a taste of lots of different things.

Vegetarianism is a bit of a unique thing in China with many restaurant owners not understanding why you wouldn’t want to try their delicious meat dishes. If you are a vegetarian and coming to China I would suggest having the characters ‘我不吃肉’ – ‘I do not eat meat’ – written down somewhere and carried with you at all times. As it is still a very rare concept in China be careful when ordering dishes as sometimes animals such as chicken/duck is not considered ‘meat’ and as a result can sometimes be snuck into your vegetable dumplings. 


Chinese Restaurants

Jin Yue Xuan: Located close to Zhuhai’s famous Fishergirl this dim sum restaurant is a must for those in Zhuhai to taste Cantonese cuisine.

  • Address: Gong Bei Qing Lu Nan Lu 265 Hao Ri Hua Shang Ye Guang Chang b Qu 1-3 LouZhuhai
  • Address in Chinese: 拱北情侣南路 265 号日华商业广场B区 1-3 楼


Your local restaurants! Go and explore the Chinese restaurants in the area near you. It is often the tiny little ones that make the most incredible things. For the reason that many of the people living in Zhuhai are migrants from other provinces, their provincial dishes follow! Go and try even more delicious food!



Craving home comforts? Look no further:

Da Roberto: First of all we start with the best pizza in Zhuhai! Incredible, tasty Italian food with a classic Neapolitan taste. Da Roberto’s pizza, classic red wine and imported meats will really give you a taste of Italy and fulfill any cheese cravings you may have! Situated in Huafa Century, this area is buzzing with bars, shops, and clubs – a great place to spend a Friday / Saturday evening.

  • Address: Qianhe West Road, Huafa CenturyZhuhai 519000
  • Address in Chinese: 华发世纪城 – 前河西路


Irish CloverNothing quite says ‘a place that everyone hangs out’ like an Irish Bar abroad. Irish Clover serves the perfect pint of Guinness for those in search of a decent fix of the black stuff. They also show sports, have a pool table and dartboard and offer great live music to keep you dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

  • Address: 105 Hai Wan Yu Yuan, Gong Bei, Zhuhai
  • Address in Chinese: 爱尔兰四叶草酒吧 – 珠海市拱北情侣路南海湾雅苑 105 号


London Lounge: A fantastic place to socialize over nice cold brews and awesome pizzas. Open from 4 pm onwards, this place has live music in the evenings and a really relaxed feel – very busy on weekend evenings. Their all-day breakfast is certainly a lifesaver on a Sunday!

  • Address: Building B, LETS Culture District, 70 Daishan Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai
  • Address in Chinese: 前山贷山路 70 号乐士文化区 B 栋 – 乐士文化区是在天虹商场后面


Indian Kitchen: Traditional Indian food with Bollywood music videos playing in the background which sets the right ambiance. Great place to get your papadum, vegetable samosa or Chicken Tikka Masala fix!

  • Address: Shop No.26-28, Sek Fat Tong Road, Huajing Garden, Dongyuan, Jida
  • Address in Chinese: 吉大石花东路华景花园东苑 26-28 


Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!

Zhuhai: Everything You Need To Know!




We love this blog detailing getting around China and here is a list of places you can conveniently get to from Zhuhai


  • ZHUHAI – MACAU: Just a taxi ride away from the Las Vagas of the East. Certainly, Macau is a fantastic array of Portuguese culture and fun places to go out, eat and put some bets on!


  • ZHUHAI – HONG KONG: an hour on the ferry. This modern port of skyscrapers, hiking and endless things to do! Spend your weekend living it up in one of Asia’s liveliest cities.


  • ZHUHAI – SHENZHEN: about an hour on the ferry. Shenzhen was one of the fastest-growing cities in the world during the 1990s and the 2000s and you really can see it when there. Skyscrapers, shopping malls, and modernity.


  • ZHUHAI – GUANGZHOU: Another great place! about an hour on the bullet train from Zhuhai. Similarly, Guangzhou is a modern hub of skyscrapers and the famous Canton tower. For a more traditional experience, hike up and down Bai Yun Shan (The Cloud Mountain) which has a stunning view over Guangzhou city and monasteries to explore on the walk back down.


  • ZHUHAI – GUILIN: 3/4 hours on the bullet train from Zhuhai. Famous for the Li River, Longji Rice terraces and unique topography Guilin has a really traditional Chinese feel and is certainly one to tick off the bucket list.


  • ZHUHAI – SHANGHAI: 14-hour convenient sleeper trains / roughly a 2-hour flight. The most populated city in the world! Shanghai offers an array of things – modernity, former French Concessions to explore and Yu Yuan Chinese gardens. Weekend trips just got easier – especially because there’s Xiao Long Bao, (Shanghai’s famous soup-filled dumplings) waiting for you!


  • ZHUHAI – BEIJING: 3-hour flight. Finally – The Capital city! Beijing is home to the Forbidden City, the Hutongs, the Temple of Heaven, the Lama Temple and so on! It also has the Great Wall in its back garden. Hence it is one of the most incredible cities in the world.


So what are you waiting for?! An adventure awaits you in Zhuhai. See our employment positions and how you could become a member of the ODM team today. Alternatively for information and help about how you can secure work and China internship, please see Intern In Asia!