The beverage industry is extremely competitive nowadays. This is why the producers of alcoholic drinks need to ensure that when consumers enter the shop, their brand stands out. In the case of E&J, you may do so with the use of an in-store retail display.

In-Store Retail Display - Unique Promotion from E&J

In-Store Retail Display – Unique Promotion from E&J

For this campaign, the company aims to show that your mixed drinks will taste better with their brandy. E&J has also printed their slogan for additional brand awareness. As you can see, the entire POS promotion resembles a custom cocktail mixer that bartenders use to create such beverages. The maker of the display has achieved the metallic look of the regular-sized shaker, which on-lookers can identify with.

The effect that this marketing POS is that shoppers from all directions will notice it. By drawing the consumer to the E&J’s in-store retail display, attention can be drawn to the traveling related gifts with purchase. It can either be a promo backpack or a suitcase – the choice is in the hands of the buyers.

Meanwhile, do you realize there are 92 or 95 Points written on the boxes around the display? Via some quick research, we found out that the numbers signify the highest marks received by the brand from various competitions. It’s another way to advertise the premium quality of E&J brandy, of course.

How the brand gains an edge with this in-store retail display?

  • 360° View. Two sheets of metal serve as walls for the shelves. The width of each only extends to several inches, so consumers can see the products in full circle.
  • High-End Model. This rack stays in a supermarket where more people with purchasing power go to. Should the company decide to place it in a department store, however, it would still look high quality besides other first-class POS displays.
  • Goal-friendly. The objective of E&J is to promote their liquor to a larger audience. Because of the model’s structure, it’s possible to add their logo, slogan, special pricing, and accolades all over it.
  • Towering Display. You can tell that the giant mixer-shaped ad surpasses the height of the normal stands. Thanks to the very detailed shape of its top layer too, the people cannot really miss it.

Promotional ideas like this in-store retail display deserve to stay in your memory bank for life. When your objective is to raise your business’s status, you will have to make POS promotions quite often.

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