Pens are one of the most popular items for promotions and giveaways. So what is the best way to take advantage of this popular product whilst making sure that it stands out? Here we are looking into creative whiskey gifts, such as this barrel pen pot by Jack Daniel’s.

The famous whiskey’s distinct flavour comes from the barrel, which makes them a vital part of the whiskey making process. Therefore, this barrel pen pot makes great collective for Jack Daniel’s lovers. It is very useful for any writing instruments, which most people have in their homes and offices. With it’s unique design, it will definitely stand out compared to a standard pen pot.

Creative Whiskey Gifts - Barrel Pen Pot by Jack Daniel’s

Creative Whiskey Gifts – Barrel Pen Pot by Jack Daniel’s

This gift with purchase is a great combination of quality and usability. In fact, this is what had caught our attention upon spotting it in the UK. With the American brand competing against other players in the drinks industry, this merchandise helps them stand out in the European market.

Why we love creative whiskey gifts like this Barrel pen pot?

There are several reasons to admire this particular product. The oak barrel pen pot will undeniably captivate consumers with it’s appearance and function. Some other benefits include:

  • Uniqueness: This oak barrel pen pot is a great for adding decoration to any tables and shelves. Its design makes it easily distinguishable, making it an effective way of promoting your brand.
  • Upholds brand reputation: Creating a pen pot to resemble their barrels reminds consumers about the quality and effort it takes into producing their popular whiskey.
Creative Whiskey Gifts - Barrel Pen Pot by Jack Daniel’s

Creative Whiskey Gifts – Barrel Pen Pot by Jack Daniel’s

  • Customer retention: Providing something new for customers, helps them stay interested and eager to see what will be offered next.
  • Attract customers. As well as being an eye-catching product, it also helps expand their customer base by letting customers get more value in buying their whiskey.


If you’re planning to make an impact among the crowd, then this oak barrel pen pot can be right for you. Get in touch with us and we’ll help in coming up with creative whiskey gifts that can work for your business.


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