Children always need a place to store their stationary, hide their classroom notes and sell their chewing gum on the infamous school market, so why not customise the real school hub with your brand? A great promotional idea for children as well as students alike, promoting your company to multiple potential customers on a daily basis.

Branding is everywhere and will only increase over time, reaching out to more and more younger clients as they are brought up in a world of brands. For this reason it’s a great idea to start advertising with the promotional idea of a custom pencil case, introducing them and their peers to your brand; creating highly effective brand recognition for the present and the future.

Promotional Idea for Children

Promotional Idea for Children

As for students and older customers that need a custom pencil case for higher education and beyond, there may already be brand recognition present, interacting and developing with a wider audience as they sit in their lecture hall or office acting as personal advertisement for your brand.

Promotional Idea for Children - Custom Pencil Cases

Promotional Idea for Children – Custom Pencil Cases

Why custom pencil cases are a good promotional idea for children as well as your company:

  • Long brand exposure. With the average hours at school varying from 6 to 9 hours a day, five or six days a week, not including extra curricular activities as well as the time outside of school when a pencil case is used, it offers businesses a huge amount of time to present their brand to new and old clients.
  • Large audience. With schools averaging at 20+ students in a class room along with the size of the whole school itself, this promotional idea for children provides mass exposure to hundreds of potential customers for a prolonged period of time.
  • Early targeting. As a pencil case is a school essential, it targets potential customers from a young age, building up their relationship and recognition with your brand.
Promotional Idea for Children - Custom Pencil Cases

Promotional Idea for Children – Custom Pencil Cases

Here is another Pencil case promotion by the famous Paul Frank

on how they successfully provided a fantastic gift with purchase offer.

With a wide variance in design and many possibilities to customise a pencil case, this is a fantastic promotional idea offered by ODM to expand and develop your brand. If you’re interested in a custom pencil case or any other promotional idea for children we would love to help, so get in touch today for a quote.

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