Always thinking of the best way to let your customers be constantly reminded of your brand? The promo gift idea of a logo mechanical pencil is the solution to your concern!

What is a logo mechanical pencil?

A logo mechanical pencil is a normal mechanical pencil with the logo of the company attached to the detachable cap of the mechanical pencil. That’s what makes each organization’s promotional logo mechanical pencil unique and original!

Promo Gift - Logo Mechanical Pencil

Promo Gift – Logo Mechanical Pencil

How it works as a promo gift idea and its advantages

You can choose to give this logo mechanical pencil as a free giveaway in a marketing event or as a free gift with purchase! Either way, it works!

Firstly, a mechanical pencil is functional and long-lasting. Take for example; the lead of the mechanical pencil can be refilled countless times. Secondly, the logo is right at the end of the mechanical pencil, which makes it visible and exceptional. Although this makes the pencil bigger than others, it would be outstanding as well. This aids in constant brand recall which is great advertising and brand awareness of your organization. Lastly, having the logo attached to the detachable end of the pencil makes it tough to misplace the small pencil cap while replacing the lead, which most people do! This makes your logo mechanical pencil an even more attractive piece of stationery to the customer.

Who should use this promo gift idea?

Any company can make use of this gift idea! As long as your company has a logo, it can be incorporated onto the mechanical pencil and given out to your customers. ODM strongly recommends this piece of promo gift, simply because it’s effective, economical and functional.