True to their maxim “Because you’re worth it” L’Oreal Men Expert is giving away cool on-pack gift sets! The pack contains a 5 in 1 shower gel, deodorant and a marketing gift with purchase resistance band.

L’Oreal Shows How Marketing Gift with Purchase Shape Buying Decision

L’Oreal Shows How Marketing Gift with Purchase Help Shape Buying Decision


We love this promotional scheme because instead of the usual giveaways related to personal care, they opted for something different. This time around, they focus on the sporty lifestyle of their target market. And we believe this is a smart marketing scheme that brands should consider using. Here’s why:


Why L’Oreal’s Marketing Gift with Purchase is a Brilliant Marketing Idea?

  • Unlimited Exposure: Great to use before gym or any outdoor activity, which means better visibility for the brand.
  • Prompts Customers to Make Additional Purchases: As you can see from the example, the soft-grip handles are branded with L’Oreal while the band is yellow- the brand’s signature color. This helps in building brand awareness beyond shopping stores and driving impulse purchase.
  • Practical: Getting 3 items for a discounted price is definitely an appealing deal. The practicality of the on-pack gift is going to motivate the sports buff to pick L’Oreal from the shelves.
  • Inspires Men to Take Better Care of their Appearance: The complimentary gift with purchase encourages men to take better care of their body. And this is a great way to increase their marketing reach.


L’Oreal has been gaining tremendous success with promotional gift sets. In their previous campaign, they gave away a branded beanie, customers can wear for a casual day out. Perfect for winter, the pack also contained a moisturizer and face wash.


We noticed that L’Oreal love to stick with a theme. For our example, the brand appeals to the active lifestyle of their target market. In their previous campaign, they highlighted the importance of keeping skin healthy and moisturized as the cold weather can be harsh for the skin.

We certainly find L’Oreal’s marketing scheme unique and truly effective. The use of their marketing gift with purchase connects their brand to their target market. Moreover, they were able to make their customers feel they’re worth it! If you are inspired by their brand project, why not work with ODM?

At ODM, we can hlp design, soyurce, and manufacture custom promotional merchandise and customer giveaways. We also specialize in creating one-of-a-kind POS and custom POP display for in-store marketing. Speak with us today!


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