Despite the numerous product on the shelf, Oracare still caught our attention. The personal care brand is offering a free logo plastic tumbler for every purchase of their mouthwash.

OraCare Shows Benefits of Logo Plastic Tumbler As On Pack Gift

OraCare Shows Benefits of Logo Plastic Tumbler As On Pack Gift


This is a smart strategy as the promotional product being offered complements the main selling product. It’s practical and the design is remarkable. As you can see from the photo, the tumblers are branded and are available in two designs: blue and green to go along with their mouth wash variants.

So why do we think their logo plastic tumbler is a great on pack offer?


What Makes OraCare’s Logo Plastic Tumbler A Good Promotional Product?

  • Design Appeal: The brand name is remarkable, which means stronger brand remembrance for OraCare. with every day use, it will become easier for customers to remember the brand.
  • Practical: Practical on pack gifts are more likely to be used by customers. This means stronger brand engagement.
  • Strong Brand Message: The product is a simple yet effective way to encourage people to improve oral hygiene. Customers can use it at home or carry them at work, gym, or during travels. It’s a handy custom promotional merchandise that will remind them of the product wherever they go.


Why Use Logo Plastic Tumbler for Your Next Campaign?

OraCare’s marketing strategy is worth-copying because it is simple, affordable, and effective in promoting their line of products. We love a good promotional drinking cup because they are really . Moreover, they are great for various promotional runs.

Aside from using them as on pack promotional gifts, managers can also use them as contest giveaways or token for trade show marketing. Because they are something customers can use long after the promotions, they reinforce brand interaction. Also, they make great brand activation items for food, personal care brands, and juice drinks.

For your next campaign, why not use a logo plastic tumbler? It’s cost-effective, practical, and an interesting addition to your marketing scheme.

If you need help designing and manufacturing your own logo plastic cup, contact ODM.

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