Swiss Miss is offering a free tumbler with the purchase of 2 boxes of their powder chocolate drink. We love the concept of giving a logo gift with purchase tumbler because it incentivizes customers; it is well-designed, and it goes well with the chocolate drink.

Many companies are using gift with purchase strategy. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it boosts sales and helps clear stock products on inventory. Another reason is to incentivize customers and to keep them coming back for more.

Logo Gift with Purchase

Logo Gift with Purchase

In this case, Swiss Miss will only give away a free branded tumbler if shoppers buy two boxes of Swiss Miss: Dark Chocolate and Marshmallow flavors. The free tumbler is packaged in a separate box and is attached to the boxes by a clear plastic wrap. This way, the customer can easily see the kind of incentive gift they are going to get.

But why is this an effective marketing ploy?


Swiss Miss Logo Gift With Purchase: Why Is It So Effective?

Complementary Products are Attractive: Gifts never fail to lure in customers, especially if they are something they can use every day. The custom printed tumbler is ideal for drinking a hot beverage in the morning. By attaching a practical gift, customers are primed to perceive the main product as a “need,” even if they do not actually need two boxes of powdered chocolate drink.

Incentivizes Shoppers: Offering a logo gift with purchase is a great way to give back to customers. They will see the marketing gift as worth the additional money they will spend.

Logo Gift with Purchase

Logo Gift with Purchase

Retain Old Customers: When customers receive an additional item without hidden charges or additional costs, they become more willing to buy from you whether you offer a gift in your next campaign or not.

Gain New Customers: People are always looking to try something new. However, there is always this feeling of uncertainty when we try new things, right? Seal the deal with a gift! And that is what Swiss Miss did. From a customer’s standpoint, even if the product turned out not to be to their liking, they still gained something valuable that they can use for many years.

Logo Gift with Purchase

Logo Gift with Purchase

Tumblers Offer Great Brand Impressions– According to ASI 2019 Ad Impressions study, drinkware is the second most popular promotional item, next to branded promotional pens. Moreover, the study revealed that the average length of time consumers can keep promotional drinkware is about 12 months. Imagine, how many brand impressions Swiss Miss will get every time the customer uses the tumbler?


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