Tumblers and custom coffee mugs are pretty common in-pack marketing gifts given by beverage companies. They usually come with breakfast items or alcoholic beverages. Advertising with promotional drinkware offers a lot of advantages in terms of sales, visibility, and brand exposure.

Our team has seen a lot of interesting in-pack gifts that wowed so many customers. But in this blog, we will be looking at how custom drinking glasses can take your marketing and branding to a whole new level!

We spotted these in-pack gifts while at a grocery store in Vietnam. The brands that offered freebies are more noticeable than brands that do not. Below, you will see examples from Malaysian brand milk Dutch Lady, Vietnam brand Lif Kun, Nescafe, and English Tea Shop.


Dutch Lady

Buy a pack of four Dutch Lady milk and get a branded drinking glass. The bonded premium is taped up on the packaging itself instead of being inside of a packaging box.

In-Pack Marketing

In-Pack Marketing

Dutch Lady’s strategy is straightforward, simple, and engaging. Doing this is cost-efficient as marketing managers need not have a custom-designed packaging for the drinking glasses. Furthermore, customers can have easy access to the free items being offered. They can touch and examine it before they decide to purchase.


In-Pack Marketing

In-Pack Marketing


Lif Kun

Lif Kun is offering a free promotional plastic tumbler with the purchase of 3 packs of milk. Aside from the tumbler, they are also offering a branded drawstring bag. The plastic tumbler comes in a green hue that reflects their brand.

In-Pack Marketing

In-Pack Marketing

Why is this a great idea? The gift can be used together with their drinks. Bringing a tetra pack at school or during games can be very inconvenient. Constant movements can squash the tetra pack inside the bag. You do not want those messy accidents, right? This is why Lif Kun is offering this practical gift to everyone. Transfer Lif Kun milk to the container and you are good to go! Furthermore, by storing remaining milk in the tumbler, you also preserve its quality.

As it is reusable, the tumbler can be used to get juice refills from your favorite coffee shop. This way, you can help in minimizing the use of disposable cups.



Nescafe is one of those brands that had previous success in using promotional drinkware for different campaigns. Last year, it launched its “Cheeky Mug” series, which was also a hit on social media. The mugs come in different quirky and funny designs that will sure to bring a smile on their customers’ lips. Here are their cheeky mugs:


As for Nescafe’s current promotion in Vietnam, Nescafe is giving away this simple drinking glass for shoppers who buy Nescafe “Cafe Viet.” But why a tall glass and not the usual mug?

In-Pack Marketing

In-Pack Marketing

Vietnam is a haven for coffee lovers. They have coffee shops at virtually every corner and one of their famous coffee recipes is iced coffee! So seeing Nescafe offering a tall glass makes perfect sense. The brand is encouraging everyone to try this delicious recipe at home, of course with Nescafe.


English Tea Shop

Mason jars as an in-pack gift? Mason jars are a cute way to enjoy tea. We often see iced tea being served in mason jars at hip tea shops aimed at young market. With this on-pack offer, even the young ones who are not really fond of drinking tea may be encouraged to try them out.

In-Pack Marketing

In-Pack Marketing

If you want to deviate from the usual promotional drinking glasses and custom mugs, then, you may want to try Mason Jars to promote your drinks. Here are some cute ideas for custom major jars:


Why Have Drinkware for In-Pack Marketing?

As demonstrated by these brands, promotional drinkware can give your company massive brand impressions. This is because people love sharing drinks at any time of the day, which means you get unlimited advertising at a quarter of the cost of TV and billboard ads.

Offering free gifts not only makes a brand worth a glance but they also give customers a solid reason to support them in the long run. Practical in-pack gifts such as the above-mentioned drinkware can be an excellent way to break through the retail mold.

All in all, in-pack marketing gifts that customers will not get from others will surely make you the go-to brand the next time they go shopping.


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