Promotional offers have a huge impact on a company’s development. With well-run promotional campaigns your company will benefit massively. A promotional drinking glass is useful and engaging. Therefore, a custom glassware set promotion is always a good option for drink products. There are many brands who already use this kind of promotion.

Promotional Drinking Glass

Promotional Drinking Glass

The glassware set presented above shows one example of the exposure of such product. The glasses are sat on the very top of the table, meaning people will see them. The Large sticker saying “free gift” is also useful in gaining customers attention. It’s an excellent way to present this custom glassware set by Maison Grand Esprit.

3 tips for an Effective Promotional Drinking Glass


It is essential that the promo gift can be used along with your product. This is great brand engagement, as customers relate to the brand every time they use the glass. In other words, they remember your brand. Custom glassware sets also make a fantastic collectible item because they will increase brand recall.


Is is very important to customise the product. When it’s custom it is unique. It will distinguish you from other brands.  Also exposing your products so people can see its worth buying. There are many ways to design your custom glassware products and it is not limited to screen printing. The ODM group of designers will help you!


When your product is practical, customers sees it. Their retention depends if they see a promotional product as a useful gift.  Moreover, bring a marketing trick such as a bundle offer. The picture below relates to that. In other words, catch the attention and increase your sales with custom glassware set as a gift with a bundle offer discount.

Promotional Drinking Glass

Promotional Drinking Glass

How Can ODM Help?

If you need help with product design, don’t hesitate to contact The ODM Group today. Our team of merchandisers and product designers will help you create the best custom promotional merchandise for your business.

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