When it comes to marketing drinks, customized glassware are among marketing managers’ favorite promotional gifts. Incentivizing customers with useful beverage merchandise greatly helps in customer retention as customers love rewards. First-time customers who will see the gift may even be convinced to buy a bottle or two to get their hands on their free gift promotion.

Customized GlasswareCustomized Glassware

Corallejo has succeeded in this strategy. The subtle, mysterious design is mesmerizing and intriguing which is why we love their custom branded glassware.. If you take a look at it from a distance, it looked kind of misty so you really have to come closer to clearly see what the design was. This interesting take in branding promotional glassware is what made their products stood out.

Customized Glassware

Customized Glassware

But there’s one thing we noticed about this promotion: the product is taped onto the bottle. Although this is a cheaper option than having a custom retail packaging, this could negatively affect people’s perception of the brand. Moreover, not only does a packaging allows you to present a product in a pleasing manner, but it also protects the product from breaking.

When it comes to drinks packaging design, the sturdier the material the better. Materials can range from cost-effective and simple corrugated cardboard to a more high-end branded wooden packaging and wood casing, plastic, and even metal.

But if you don’t have a custom packaging to go with your promotional product, it is really important to make your branding look extra. So, how can you achieve such beautiful glassware design? Here are ways you can put your logo onto your promotional glassware.


Ways to Design/Put Logo to Your Customized Glassware

There are many ways to transfer logos and designs onto your glass products and it is not limited to screen printing. Here are some of them;

Here’s an overview of each printing techniques.

Silk Screen Printing

This is one of the most common and preferred printing methods by most manufacturers. The process is pretty straightforward and is cost-effective, so ideal for high volume projects. The design is stenciled onto the mesh and ink is applied onto the substrate with a squeegee. However, since you are printing on a cylindrical surface, extra care is needed to ensure that the designs are printed correctly.

Specialty Inks

With specialty inks, you can add texture and create amazing designs onto glasses and bottles. When cured, finished products may look as if the designs are embossed. You can also opt for metallic inks to give your products a luxurious and high-end feel.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is ideal for printing full color artworks on drinking glasses. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art machines to ensure faster turnaround time for high volume projects. Using an inkjet printer that allows for printing on cylindrical objects, your vibrant designs will be printed on your drinking glasses with precision. Your custom logo glassware will come alive with crisp designs fast and easy. Moreover, with digital printing, you can print full-color designs.


These are just some of the most commonly used techniques to logo your custom drinking glasses for promotions. To know which technique will work best for your products, you have to take into consideration the type of glass, your marketing budget, and the complexity of the designs. Speak with your manufacturer or designer to know your options.


How ODM Can Help

If you need help with product design, don’t hesitate to contact The ODM Group today. Our team of merchandisers and product designers will help you create the best custom promotional merchandise for your business. We are here to guide you when it comes to glass manufacturing, branding, and packaging your customized drinkware. Send us an email today!

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