The drinks industry is getting crowded every day. New brands enter the market which is why you need to keep up with the trend. In our case study today, we see Kopparberg, a Sweden-based beverage company, take on the greatest challenge for every brand in every retail shelf – to get noticed. The popular drink brand offers an enticing on-pack gift to shoppers: a promo glassware for every purchase of 1 330 ml bottle of mixed fruit cider.

Kopparberg Breaks The Beverage Industry With Its Promo Glassware

Kopparberg Breaks The Beverage Industry With Its Promo Glassware

Getting an on-pack promo item from their favourite brands is really a pleasant reward for customers. They feel like they are getting more value for their money. And the feeling of getting freebies from their purchase pushes them to spend more.

Why an on-pack offer is a great way to reel in more customers? Well, personally, free gifts would change the way I see the brand. The branded item would instantly put the brand on top of my list the next time I go shopping. And when this becomes habitual, it surely will impact the brand in a positive way. And this could later become the major driver for sales increase.


Advantages Of Promo Glassware

  • Flexible in Terms of Design– What we love about branded glassware is its customisability. Marketers won’t have a hard time turning the promo gift into different shapes or style. There are different types of glassware that you can choose from such as a branded highball glass, branded shot glass, custom beer glass, and many more! There’s a custom glassware for just about any type of drinks and occasion. Don’t forget to get your logo to create instant brand recognition! One of the most used printing method for glassware is gold printing as this gives the product a high-end feel. So if you’re keen to know more about it, check the blog out!
  • Long-Lasting Brand Visibility – A glassware is infinite until it breaks. And we all know that if you have quality glassware, it wouldn’t easily break. The durability of the customized glassware ensures that customers will use the products for longer, thus exposing them to your brand. Make sure that your glasses are of superb standard because you don’t want your reputation to be shattered. If you’d like to know more about how to produce high-quality glass products, check out the link below:
  • Affordable – Not all glassware is expensive. The cost can vary depending on the style. More bespoke ones could be more expensive than plain ones. To ensure the quality of your promo glassware, work with a reliable sourcing agent to get access to high-quality glass items that won’t break your marketing budget. Because let’s face it, not all brands could afford those posh glassware for their promotional giveaways. In our case study, Kopparberg uses a highball glass as their on-pack promo. This type of glass is not costly to produce. In fact, our team can give you a range of options for this type of glassware. Again, if you are not sure where to source affordable promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact ODM.


Overall, promo glassware has been in use by major brands worldwide. So, it’s safe to say that this is one unbreakable promotional product.

So, if you’re looking for drink promotional ideas or need help with glass manufacturing, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique drink promo gifts. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing drinks marketing products for your business.

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Other Great On-Pack Gifts:

Kopparberg is offering a promotional gift set that fruit cider fans will love. Included in the pack are 1 x 330 ml bottle of mixed fruit cider and a Kopparberg branded glass. What we noticed is that the brand is offering the same products and on pack offer, but the beverage packaging designs are different. Learn what makes them stand out!


We love how Kopparberg maximized their campaign with a gift set consisting of cinnamon sticks and branded mug.


Cinzano was showcased in a gondola shelf together with other similar products. One good point of this promotion is that they were the only brand that offers an on-pack gift. Their black-blue custom retail packaging is also eye-catching. People will surely flock to their shelf when they see the gift that comes with their wine. However, many people will definitely take note of their ongoing promotion if they have a separate free-standing display.


The black and gold ensemble gives off an elegant aura. This enhances the appearance of the product. Hence, the packaging attracts customers to check out the product. Furthermore, the whisky glass itself is enough reason for customers to make the purchase.


While the simple and straightforward packaging worked for Seedlip, you may want to make yours impactful especially if you’re not a well-established brand. Therefore, you’ll need to efficiently capture the attention of shoppers.