Fever Tree is offering a wide range of Gin gift sets complete with cola, tonic, and branded drinking glass by Dartington Crystal. Gin lovers would certainly love this beverage promotion because it combines all their favorite drinks in one gift box. Moreover, they can get a free high-quality gin glass.

There were three sets on offer:

  • The Ultimate Gin & Tonic – this includes Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water (200mL) Tanqueray London Dry Gin (5cL) and a branded drinking glass from Dartington Crystal
Beverage Promotion

Beverage Promotion

  • The Ultimate Whiskey & Cola – inside the pack customers will find one 200mL bottle Madagascan Cola, a 5cl  bottle of Jack Daniels, and a custom promotional glass
  • The Ultimate Flavoured Gin & Tonic – it consists of a bottle of Mediterranean Tonic Water (200 mL) Sipsmith London Drizzle Gin, and a branded glass
Beverage Promotion

Beverage Promotion

These are excellent drink promotional ideas  that customers will surely would love to purchase. One pack contains the necessary items for mixing their drinks. The brand already matched the right gin and mixer to give their customers one good drinking experience at home.

Not only do these gift sets offer something extra to their customers, but they also increased their following by collaborating with different brands in the drink industry.

Most noteworthy in this set is the branded drinking glass made by Dartington. Its sleek design is captivating and the branding is not obvious.


What Sets this Beverage Promotion by Fever Tree Apart from the Rest?

  • Practical Value

By offering items that go well together, it saves shoppers time finding the products they would need. It also saves them money as as these products are offered for the price of one. Furthermore, the beautiful branded glass can be used for longer, thus allowing customers to get the most out of their purchase.

  • Excellent Gifts Mean Finer Brand Remembrance

The free promotional drinking glass serves as a souvenir from the brand, which customers can use every day. When shoppers use the freebie glass, the logo is on display for people to see. As a result, they will come to associate the brand with cool liquor promotional products.

Beverage Promotion

Beverage Promotion


  • Upholds Brand Reputation

We absolutely love everything about these gifts sets: matching drinks and mixers, beautiful branded glass, and well-designed box packaging.

We can see from the photos that Fever-Tree has partnered with different brands to come up with this amazing promotional gift sest for their loyal customers. Doing so has improved their marketability and quality. Fans of the Jack Daniels and Sipsmith may be tempted to try this offer because their favorite drink is included in the pack.

Moreover, these gift sets save customers time thinking what mixer goes well with what drink. This shows that Fever Tree has thought a lot about their customers’ drinking experience.

As for the packaging, the brand kept it neat and simple. The packaging reflects their brand image and is truly meaningful. Gold foil-stamped logo on black backdrop really popped and you will also notice the outline of the branches of their trademark logo on the box.

  • Increased Sales

Between brands that not offer on-pack gift offers and those who do not, customers are likely to choose the ones that give away freebies. This is because customers get more out of their money with on-pack giveaways. This is also effective in attracting new customers who are looking for something new to try. With their favorite drinks in the set, they might be tempted to try what Fever Tree has to offer.


Our Takeaways…

Fever Tree did a great job pushing their products to the fore front with a well-thought out gift set for everybody. The beautiful, high-quality on pack glass was also a great addition to the set as it served as an excellent souvenir from the brand. Thanks to this gift, Fever Tree will remain on top of customers’ minds even after the drinks have been consumed.

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