When you check how to promote your beverage business online, it could be complicated most of the time. They will teach you some steps, but it can’t really make a difference. If you are taking part in the beverage industry, you are definitely up for a treat as we give you these 5 simple yet winning beverage promotion ideas.


Current Status

With the economic crisis worldwide, one of the most affected is the food and beverage industry. Consequently, restaurants and cafes have to reduce employees or, worse, permanently close. How are you going to stand out from your competitors through custom drinks packaging? This time, you need to make an extra effort to boost your brand marketing. So how can you win this competition?


Beverage Promotion Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Advertise with Insulated Cans

beverage promotion ideas

beverage promotion ideas

#1 Use Insulated Cans to Keep the Ideal Temperature for Hot and Cold Beverages

The reality during this pandemic, whatever you order online could take a while for the delivery time. It would most probably take 15 to 30 minutes for food and beverages promotion, depending on the distance. Considering the span of time needed to preserve the temperature of your beverages, you should choose a quality material for your containers.  Use insulated cans to retain their ideal temperature and make an impact on your customers. You may also post these upgrades on social media to inform how much you value them.

#2 Boost Your Brand by Customizing Your Stainless Steel Cans

Could you make the most out of it? Definitely yes! You can custom design these stainless steel cans to promote your brand. Customizing these steel cans is just one of the excellent beverage packaging ideas. Moreover, many brands are tapping the power of social media to promote. Posting your upgraded containers and spreading your brand’s campaign will certainly help boost brand awareness.

#3 Add Freebies on Every Purchase

Undoubtedly, purchasing online feels more delightful when our order comes with a surprise. Add a little appreciation gift to your products (you may select at least a few items where a freebie is only applicable) as they arrive at your customers. Freebie marketing is another winning beverage promotion idea that businesses incorporate into their operations.

#4 Connect with Your Customers by Using Custom Design Stainless Steel Cans

Just like the pre-pandemic times, you can still mark your calendars with occasions that are celebrated around the world. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Mother/Father’s Day celebration, and any other celebration that creates hype. Connect with your audience emotionally by using these customizable stainless steel cans. Add more reasons why they should include your beverages on these special occasions.

#5 Send Your Customers Beverage Cans as Promotional Gifts!

One of the best ways to remember a brand is through a branded promotional gift at home where we can frequently see it. Create a remarkable brand by sending your customers with the best custom beverage packaging can as a promotional gift! They will definitely love it.

beverage promotion ideas

beverage promotion ideas


Why Insulator Cans?

What makes insulator cans best among the beverage holders? These cans are perfectly made for every temperature of drinks, whether hot or cold. It also comes in different sizes, which can be customized with your business logo. You want it to be laser engraved, silkscreen printed, or 3D printed? All possible with this stainless steel insulated can!


  • Made from 304 stainless steel.
  • Capacity: 17oz
  • Logo can be laser engraved, silkscreen printed, 3D printed.
  • It can be used as a promo idea for soft drinks and cold beverages.
  • Easy to open lid
  • Keeps the ideal temperature of hot and cold beverages.
beverage promotion ideas

beverage promotion ideas

The Future of the Beverage Industry

Our future is not really ahead of us; it is just trapped within us. The future of the beverage industry in the marketing world is predictable. Whatever you do today will be its future. Make sure to stand out as a brand by using these beverage promotion ideas.


How ODM Helps?

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