Are you a “Despicable Me” movie fanatic? Do you still remember Nestle’s “Despicable Me” printed plastic bowl that they have before? This item became one of their on-pack promotion merchandise. If you love collectibles related to this popular movie, I am sure you were able to get this one!

promotion merchandise

Despicable Me printed plastic bowl as Nestle’s Promotion Merchandise

How this “Despicable Me” Item Helped Nestle Promote its Brand?

There are over hundreds of Nestle branches all over the world.  And fortunately, we have one here in the Philippines. For the past years, Nestle Philippines has gained its reputation as one of the most stable businesses here in the country.

Moreover, the way it promotes its brand is always a compelling one. One of the most remarkable promotions it ever made was its collaboration with the famous family-friendly movie – “Despicable Movie”. Its On-Pack promotion merchandise comes with a very stylish printed plastic bowl. If you are wondering how great its impact has created on Nestle brands, here’s an overview.

promotion merchandise

Promotion Merchandise

Better Sales

Nestle serves families. They provide food for them. Thus, families have always been the target of their products. Incorporating their products into a family-friendly movie made them love the products even more. As this stylish on-pack merchandise was released in the market, more and more consumers started to avail of Nestle products together with the “Despicable Me” printed plastic bowl that was included in the pack.


Improved Brand Visibility

Though Nestle is already one of the most trusted brands by Filipinos, this strategy made a great hit in the Philippines’ supermarkets. It absolutely made the brand became the talk of the town. With the fact that “Despicable Me” movie characters were popular at the time, the promotion was reinforced, the release of this promotion merchandise became a success.

promotion merchandise

Promotion Merchandise


Gained Customers Loyalty

One of the main goals of creating such promotional activities is to keep customers’ loyalty to the brand. This custom printed plastic bowl served as a tangible souvenir of the customers’ great buying experience. Also, it created curiosity in the customers, especially those who are avid fans of the movie or those who love collectible items. And since the movie comes in different series, they are expecting that the brand would release more promotion merchandise like this.

promotion merchandise

Promotion Merchandise

On-pack promo is undeniably a great tactic to boost sales up. But, in order to ensure that the promotion would work, impactful ideas must be developed. Thus, using blockbuster movies to promote a brand definitely creates more customers and generates more sales. In addition, using memorable characters for product promotion leaves a different impact on the customers. This tactic is called brand licensing.

Nestle absolutely did great in this marketing strategy. Using popular characters to help them increase their sales was definitely an exceptional move. Creating something new to offer to their customers really help them to embrace and appreciate the brand even more. The collaboration between Neste Brand and the movie- “Despicable Me” was made years ago. Maybe years have passed but the impact that this promotion made remains.


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