How Colgate Rises Above Competitors: Custom Printed Bowls

All companies do their best to ramp up marketing efforts in many different ways. This could include digital marketing, outdoor advertising, social media marketing, and many more. One popular form of marketing comes from promotional products offered to your clients. Hence, we would like to share how Colgate gained a competitive advantage through their gift of custom printed bowls.

Custom Printed Bowls

Colgate is an American brand of toothpaste that manufactures oral health products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and many more. However, with so many other companies selling oral health products, Colgate will have to double up their efforts in order to keep their customers. So how does Colgate differentiate itself from its competitors? Let us share more about the custom printed bowls launched by Colgate. 

Custom Printed Bowls

Colgate launched this gift with purchase recently in a local supermarket in Singapore. For every purchase of 3 150g tubes of Colgate’s toothpaste, customers are entitled to a 2-in-1 bowl pack. 

Furthermore, customers also have 3 different variants of toothpaste to choose from in order to receive this on-pack promotion. This includes the Professional Clean, Whitening, and Charcoal Deep Clean toothpaste. Since there are three different variants being offered, the designs for each bowl set differ as well. Customers can collect them all!

Custom Printed Bowls

So how do these bowls look? Colgate has collaborated with Gudetama, a popular cartoon character from the Japanese company, Sanrio. The bowl set is decorated with the popular character, and makes use of the colour yellow to spark a positive association with the character. With Gudetama being a character inspired by an egg, yellow is a colour used by the cartoon character due to its resemblance to an egg. 

Custom Printed Bowls

In addition, the Colgate logo is also branded at the bottom of the bowl. 

Custom Printed Bowls

So how does a collaboration with Sanrio allow Colgate to rise above competitors? 

Custom Printed Bowls

1. Increased Brand Visibility

Unlike POS displays, this branded merchandise is small in size and is not noticeable from afar. However, with Gudetama’s popularity, customers are bound to take a look at this adorable gift with purchase. This attracts a larger number of customers, even those who had no intention of using Colgate’s brand or buying toothpaste at all. Even if they aren’t interested in purchasing toothpaste at that moment, they would also have a higher brand awareness of Colgate’s products. 

2. Free Gift 

It is never OK to say no to a free gift! Consumers love free gifts, especially those that are high-utility. Bowls are sure to be used in the kitchen. Aside from serving meals, avid collectors may display these bowls at home. Either way, these gifts would not be thrown out as there is always a use for them. Thus, this increases brand visibility and sparks brand remembrance. One wouldn’t forget something they see in their house for long periods of time, would they? These free gifts would definitely be etched in your memories for a long time.

Besides, a free gift would definitely be a great incentive for your customers to try a new brand. Avid collectors of Gudetama, they would not miss out on a chance to collect free exclusive merchandise.

3. Variety of Choices

Consumers do not like to be limited to a specific purchasing decision. By providing a variety of choices, they would be able to compare different products and make a more informed decision. With this gift with purchase promotion, customers would be more inclined to understand Colgate’s products better and choose the most suited toothpaste that suits them. This could also include a comparison with the features of competitor brands to decide on the best toothpaste that suits them. 


There are many different marketing strategies that companies can use, but you should think about the most appropriate tool to attract customers. Custom printed bowls are great tools that companies can use to incentivise their customers and bring about brand recognition. Would you consider them for your marketing campaign?

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With many years of experience as a promotional products agency, let us find the perfect marketing solution for your marketing needs. We have worked with a large number of clients to provide corporate gifts, checkout dividers, POS displays, eco-friendly packaging, and many more. If you are interested in looking for products to market your brand, contact our staff. In addition, we have written over 8,000 different marketing case studies where we share many tips and tricks you could use for your own marketing campaigns. Check them out if you need any inspiration on promotional products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are some good items that companies can offer as a gift with purchase?

It is important for the gift with purchase item to have a high usability. We have observed companies providing a variety of items, from household items to office items! Some great examples would be branded cups, branded bowls, branded Bluetooth speakers and even branded tote bags.

Why should I invest on branded merchandise for my marketing campaign?

Branded merchandise allows for an increase in brand awareness and brand visibility. By branding products that have high usability, consumers would have an increased brand remembrance and would be more inclined to purchase items from your company. Furthermore, they increase the brand loyalty of your customers.

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