Small Tool with Big Marketing Results: Checkout Dividers

Did you know that the checkout counter is one of the areas in retail stores with the highest human traffic? There are a variety of marketing tools and strategies that companies use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Some commonly used tactics include POS displays, gift with purchases, and branded merchandise. However, you might be missing out on a good advertising tool that sits in front of your eyes. Commonly seen at the point of sale, counter dividers are one of the most underutilized marketing media in retail.

Checkout Dividers. 

Checkout dividers are commonly used in supermarkets when queuing up to pay for products in your basket, although it may not be available for self-checkout stations. They are used so that different groups of customers can place their products on the belt without mixing up their purchases. 

Why are checkout dividers such great marketing tools?  

Checkout Dividers. 

With more people working from home and fewer people eating out, families are opting for home-cooked meals. In addition to that, the excitement of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations has brought large crowds to the supermarkets as well. Keep your customers safe during periods like these with a large influx of customers with these hand sanitizer digital signages which could ramp up your marketing efforts too!

Long queues due to the influx of shoppers, had customers spending more time at the point of sale than shopping. Thus, their focus is drawn to the counter which brings the perfect opportunity for marketers to show off their brand. With checkout dividers having 3 or 4 faces, various designs can be printed on the checkout dividers.

Besides, advertisements in such dividers can be changed frequently. Checkout dividers utilise printed inserts which can be changed as and when it is required. This is a cost-effective tool that would definitely be useful in the long run.

Checkout Dividers. 

The effective placement of company logos on these dividers helps to increase brand awareness and visibility. 

Besides, customers definitely have to pay at the counter, which makes this marketing tool hard to miss as compared to POS display stands which are spread out around the supermarket. This further exposes customers to the brand being advertised on the divider. In addition, this sparks finer brand remembrance whenever cashiers use this tool.

However, this does not mean that they are more effective than retail stands. Our point is, they play different roles in terms of brand placement and merchandising. You can view other interesting marketing campaigns that involve the use of FSDUs and retail stands here: 

With a beautiful fake tree and mandarin oranges that are significant to Lunar New Year, people are all eyes on this advertising display. 

With so many chocolate displays in the supermarket, it is important for one to differentiate themselves from the others. Take a look at this blog which shares some sweet and delicious tips on how a display stand plays a key role in driving up sales. 

This marketing campaign is hard to miss! With a large area used for marketing, the display’s striking colours further accentuate the display. 


We believe that these small tools bring massive marketing results for many brands. If you are looking for a simple yet effective marketing tool that can help increase your brand awareness, consider incorporating these checkout dividers into your marketing campaign. Customizing the design and logo branding enhances your brand value while differentiating you from your competitors. Maximise branding opportunities with eye-catching designs! Checkout dividers allow companies to gain a competitive advantage right at the point of sale. There are various benefits in using a checkout divider. Would you consider them for your future marketing campaigns? 

Checkout Dividers. 

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The ODM Group is a promotional marketing agency that specializes in creating multiple marketing solutions for our clients. We have years of experience in the promotional industry and we would be delighted to assist you in creating the best possible promotional item for your company. We work closely with our sister agency, Mindsparkz, for top-notch design services. Let us assist you with your design needs. If you are interested in our services, do contact our staff. Otherwise, you can also view other case studies on global companies’ promotional campaigns. We share many marketing tips and tricks in our other blogs too. 

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