In retail stores, with so many brands competing for customers and sales, a strong retail marketing strategy is immensely important. Store end-cap displays, promotional shelf talkers, customized packaging are all great ideas. POS displays in particular are an excellent form of marketing. Recently, we spotted this POS display corner by Eversoft Singapore in one of the local supermarkets. Advertising their skincare products, we were blown away by this dream corner of Eversoft fans.

What We Love About Eversofts’s POS Display Corner

Eversoft had promotions and retail POS displays made for a range of their featured products. Instead of the usual one lone POS display you see by brands, Eversoft created a few different merchandise displays and put together an exclusive “Eversoft only” area. With their promotional range in full view, it is much easier to capture customers’ attention. Regular customers of this brand will be delighted at the display in front of their eyes and they are more likely to make multiple purchases at once. New customers will also love the wide selection of choices, from facial serum to body wash. They can definitely find a product to suit their needs. This can easily drive up sales and boost brand awareness.

Advantages of POS Displays:


POS displays are a cost-effective tool for retail marketing to promote your products. Typically made from corrugated cardboard, display stands will not break your bank. The final display stand can also be customized by yourself when it reaches you. You may add in promotional stickers and labels. With this, you can effectively redirect your advertising budget to other marketing needs.

Ease of Use

Corrugated POS displays are easy to use.  With its lightweight material, they can be shifted and arranged however you like, such as how Eversoft put together a group of POS displays for this particular campaign. You can also print any design and information you want onto the display. This not only offers crucial product information but also gives your brand a chance to stand out from the rest of the products in retail stores.


The customizability of POS displays makes them ideal for your retail marketing strategy. No design idea is too outrageous for a POS display. Be it height, colour, or shape, they can be made to realize your vision. The customizability of these product displays provides you with a wide range of options to maximize your retail space.

Draws Attention

In a retail store, POS displays will stand out from endless aisles of products. With its large size and unique design, it will certainly catch the eyes of passing customers. They could potentially be interested to take a further look and find out more. Surely, this will increase your customer base and drive up sales!

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