The 128th Top Promotional Products Show: Canton Fair, brought to us many new and innovative products. Here is the list of the Top 65 promotional products for business!

There are so many products that it is easy to overlook some. To aid your reading, the products are broken down into 5 categories – Electronic Promotional Products and Accessories, Outdoor Promotional Products, Promotional Wine Products, Covid-19 Related Products, and Custom Premium Products.

1. Electronic Promotional Products and Accessories

5 in 1 Multi-Functional Desktop USB Wireless Charging Station

The number of electronics that we have on hand with us is constantly running out of batteries. Why not have one dock to charge all your electronic devices? This 5 in 1 Multi-Functional Desktop USB Wireless Charging Station will aid with that. You are able to charge 2 mobile phones, Apple Watch, Apple Pen, and  Airpods at the same time. Additionally, it is available for other devices. 

Contact us with code ODM-3169 for a quick quote and further details on this custom electronic product.

540 rotation LED Micro USB Type C Magnetic Cable 

This is a special type of cable, a straight and L-Type magnetic cable combined. It helps to reduce the damage done to your mobile devices from falls. The magnetic suction function will allow you to pull your mobile phone straight up without hitting the ground. Furthermore, its 540-degree rotating function provides full satisfaction and convenience for all usage scenarios. 

Contact us with code ODM-3170 to get a quote, more information on its features. Or if you like, you can check out other branded USB cables.

Multifunctional Mobile Phone Ring Stand

This phone ring stand comes in plenty of colors, materials, and packaging styles. This is certainly a great promotional product for phones. This also offers companies a place to brand their company logos, making it a brilliant corporate gifts for client. They are multifunctional in terms of stability, drop prevention, soft-touch leather, sleek look, and a strong and sturdy 3M sticker. This multifunctional mobile phone ring stand is designed with convenience in mind, making them more versatile than ever. 

Get your quote now, so send us an email with code ODM-3141 to learn more about this product!

Mobile phone expansion bracket 

Work efficiently, comfortably, and conveniently with multifunctional custom phone accessories. They are perfect promotional products for business due to their features and functions. Use your electronics comfortably with the flexible adjustments of different angles to suit your needs. Furthermore, the ergonomic design is of a golden ratio perspective by being small, lightweight, and portable. Such a multifunctional bracket that supports charging even when in use.

For more information, contact with code ODM-3150!

Soccer USB 

Here is an example of an ingenious sports promotional item! We have a great selection of soccer USBs that offer unparalleled customization options. Being made of high quality and flexible plastic makes this flash drive smooth, light, and a superior option for sports GWP. Branding these small and compact USBs provides endless opportunities to grow your business and brand awareness. 

Feel free to contact us with code ODM-3142 to know how we can help you customize this soccer USB. 

promotional products for business

Soccer USB

Headrest Magnetic Mount 

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to this headrest magnetic mount. It comes with easy-to-assemble parts for simple installation. The flexible holder has 360° swiveling rotations, so you can freely adjust to any desired viewing angles! Moreover, the strength of the magnets can hold up to 4-10 inches of screen size gadgets. 

Contact us with code ODM-3156 to know more about its customization. 

Mini Fan 

Blow your customer’s minds away with this small and portable mini fan. As the weather becomes more humid and dry, you can’t rely on air conditioning alone to cool you down. Hence, this fan is the ideal gift for your customers and employees! There are three adjustable speeds for you to choose from, giving you relief especially during summer. If you are interested in other variations, get yourself a custom USB fan during this hot season. 

Contact with code ODM-3120 for more details!

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet with Airpods Holder

You will be surprised to know how much promotion a custom silicone phone wallet can do for your product launch. Read up this blog all about it: 

Wifi-Connected Standing Air Purifier 

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet. Learn more about the Top 6 Internet of Things Marketing Ideas for 2021! They are spectacular promotional products for business, especially the Wifi-Connected Standing Air Purifier.

Check out our blog on 12 other electronic promotional products, brilliant promotional products for business we found at Canton Fair here: 

2. Outdoor Promotional Products

Hanging Tent 

This hanging tent is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience. With its curtain design, private space is protected. Additionally, the small window allows better light and air circulation.  It uses 600D oxford cloth, which is waterproof and UV-resistant. Moreover, the max weight capacity can reach up to 300lbs and accommodate 2-3 children inside.

Enjoy a greater parent-child time more comfortably! Contact us with code ODM-3124 if there are other questions. 

Golf range finder

You had a shot there! With multiple settings and features, this golf rangefinder is a good sports promotion gift for businesses. Some of its features include a golf slope adjusted mode to measure the distance and swing angle. In addition, with a flagpole scanning mode to measure the flagpole in long-distance and help calculate the exact distance by close-range priority principle. 

Do not miss out on this awesome promotional sports merchandise. Contact us with code ODM-3148 to know more about its features! 

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lock 

This breaker lock is made of ABS resin which is corrosion resistant while providing good insulation performance. The unique design of the rod is easy to install with a pinout. Just use it with a professional safety padlock and tag it together. 

Contact our team with code ODM-3174 to know more about this product.

Motorcycle/Brake/Electric Scooter Lock

Prevent the theft of your vehicles with this lock. It is made out of steel with various color options. It comes with a 10mm locking pin with two keys. Brand them and they make excellent branded gifts for customers. Furthermore, it is made with a unique T-bar mechanism, anti-dirt, and anti-corrosion. 

Quote product code with ODM-3175 to learn more about how we can help you customize these promotional products for business. 

6pc Folding Key Screwdriver Set 

Fold a key out to a right angle to get maximum leverage! You can fold it completely out to use it as a screwdriver. They are professional industrial grade tools made from high-quality steel. This 6pcs folding key screwdriver set includes a variety of popular sizes in one convenient handle. 

You won’t lose your tools ever again! Get your hands on one of such multi-purpose promotional products and not lose your tools ever again! Contact us with code ODM-3136 for more information.

Golf ball holder

The golf bag is made of high quality, durable, branded leather that is soft and comfortable to touch. The open closure design provides easy access and secure closure to the golf balls. The large capacity can accommodate up to 2 golf balls and 4 golf tees with a strap you can attach to your golf bag or belt. 

Measuring 108*55*108 mm, get your golf ball holder and customized golf balls for your business! Contact us with code ODM-3118 for its customization methods.

Mini Pocket 5 Folding Umbrella

Read up more about other outdoor promotional products such as this mini pocket 5 folding umbrellas:

During these difficult times, all of us have had to adapt to a new normal where interactions are limited and outdoor happenings are restricted. However, you can give your customers something to look forward to by offering products that they can use outdoors once lockdowns have been lifted.

Check out our blog on 7 other outdoor promotional products that we found at the Canton Fair:

3. Promotional Wine Products 

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is well-loved by many people. Check out this blog on promotional wine products perfect for this Christmas season: 

In addition to wine promotional products, if there is one product that we consider very versatile and effective in marketing drinks, that would be bottle openers. Find out more about how a customized bottle opener can be used to promote your brand.

4. Covid-19 Related Products

UVC Toilet sterilization lamp

The UVC toilet sterilization lamp is compact and portable, you can place it on a stable and flat surface. It is rechargeable, convenient to use, and can be installed and removed easily. It provides a sterilization rate of 99.99% which helps to protect you from bacteria and viruses! Additionally, it has a waterproof grade of IPX4 and an ABS main body.

Are you interested in this innovative merchandise? Then contact us with code ODM-3127 to learn more about it. 

Social distancing Beeper

A wearable Bluetooth low energy device designed to easily implement social distancing between people. This social distancing beeper is ideal for workplaces and schools to prevent people from getting too close to one another. It is light and small, with multiple features such as rechargeable batteries, auto-sleep mode, and many more.

Ensure the health of safety of your employees in workplaces. Contact us with code ODM-3129today!

21.5-inch Digital Signage with Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine

One of the best ways to create a safe space for employees and customers is by having a hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk installed in strategic corners of your store or working environment. It is contactless and dispenses sanitizer or soap automatically. No need to press any buttons. Check out this blog to learn more about it: 

Low Voltage Electrolytic Ozone Sterilizer 

Protect yourself and others with this low voltage electrolytic ozone sterilizer. It provides highly efficient anti-virus disinfection with no secondary pollution. The compact size makes them convenient to bring around and it’s travel friendly. Moreover, ozone has been proven to be effective against many other pathogens. 

It comes in various colors so contact us with code ODM-3131 to get a quote now. 

Touchless Door Opener Key Tool with Stylus

Made with zinc alloy or brass material, this touchless door opener allows you to not directly touch frequently touched surface areas. It is definitely an ingenious product that can be used every day. Additionally, it is reusable and sturdy enough to last even after this pandemic. The small, portable, and compact size also double as a keychain. 

Contact our team with code ODM-3146 for more details! You can also check out another variation of a custom brass door opener, perfect promotional products for business.

Pill Style Screen Cleaner 

This cleaner is designed to completely clean most consumer electronics and hardware surfaces, like TVs, tablets, laptops, and all the other digital devices. The anti-static cleaning solution is safe, alcohol-free, and environment-friendly. The microfiber cloth can be dipped gently in soap water and air-dried. You may use it over and over again! You can most definitely check another example of custom screen cleaner too. 

Contact us with code ODM-3158 to get a quick quote.

Portable Recharge UVC LED Sanitizer Wand

Measuring 306&22mm, it is just the right size to keep on your bedside table, office desk, or in your purse. The portable UVC LED Sanitizer wand is so powerful that it doesn’t take long to get anything clean and eradicate germs. The process couldn’t be easier.

In light of the recent coronavirus situation, it is most definitely a great investment for everyone and also for your company. Contact us with code ODM-3110 to learn more!

Protect yourself this Christmas with different promotional products for business such as a disinfectant hand sanitizer bracelet

A counter protection screen not only helps prevent the spread of NCOV-2 virus, but it also creates safe spaces inside stores, and offices. Read up more about other covid-19 related products such as this Cordless Anti-Virus Roller Blind: 

5. Custom Premium Products

Shanyu Steel Tongue Drum 14 Inch

Music to your ears with this steel tongue drum. It comes in different sizes and music scales for your own preference. This 14-inch tongue drum comes in 8 tongues in Cmajor. They can be applied to perform antenatal training and children’s early education music formative education.

Up your music marketing ideas with a steel tongue drum with code ODM-3151.

Pencil Grinder

This portable pencil grinder is suitable for lead or charcoal pencils- a grinder and clip combinative duo design. In addition, it has a non-slip base for better stability.

Avoid the escape of scrap with this pencil grinder with these amazing promotional products for business. Contact us with code ODM-3149 to learn more about how we can help you customize them for your branding needs.

Plastic Wheel Pen

These custom promotional pens have a unique wheel design as the pen clicker and it comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from. Furthermore, they work with 0.5,0.7, and 1.0 mm refillable inks. 

When it comes to design, there are many ways to customize them within your campaign. Contact us with code ODM-3152 to find out more!

Wooden Pen Gift Set 

Made from natural wood, there is good balance and comfortability on your hands. Additionally, they are environmentally-friendly. They make great promotional products for business. How? The wooden gift case not only works as a pen box but a wooden pen holder display for office desks as well. 

The perfect gift for writers and colleagues! Email our team with code ODM-3154. This is an ideal marketing gift for employee appreciation and end of year parties.

8 Digit Calculator with String or Keychain

The LCD display and 8 digit press keypads make this calculator fairly easy to use. There are also basic functions such as four arithmetic operations, reposition, and percentages. Small, compact, and handy, they make great on-pack free gift! The plastic body with soft silicone buttons makes it a handy calculator keychain for your daily travels. 

Contact us with code ODM–3155 to know more about it. 

Double Ocular Loupe Steampunk Spikes Eyewear Glasses

Be the King and Queen of the crowd with this promotional eyewear! They are made from sturdy ABS frames and PC lenses, meaning excellent durability. Moreover, they work as double magnifying eye loupes, a great addition to any cosplay or costume. The elastic head strap makes the eyewear perfect for people of all ages. 

Customize your look today with these glasses. So contact us with code ODM-3159!

Eyewear Retainer

A low elastic polyester eyewear retainer, the strap is super dense and not easy to deform. Hence, its service life is surprisingly long. Besides, the longer rubber holes keep the eyeglasses securely in place so they do not easily slide off. With a double hole adjustable buckle, prevent your eyewear from dropping ever again. 

Contact us with code ODM-3160 on how to customize these promotional products for business!

promotional products for business

Football/Soccer Long Tip Iron Clocks

It is time to rethink the traditional timepiece as functional wall decor. Constructed with shatter-resistant Iron material, check out some of these cool football wall clocks. They are great sports marketing ideas as well for football games and competitions. Besides, it has a quiet mechanism that will not disrupt good sleep and quiet work environment. 

By contacting us with code ODM-3122, you will be able to know more about its features.

Football Snack Dispenser

Dispense your snacks in style! This football snack dispenser can be used to dispense candy, nuts, trail mix, and many more. Simply push down the lever to dispense the snacks. Furthermore, they are ideal for promoting football games due to their unique design – mounted football trophy design. 

Send us an email and get a quote today for this promotional football snack dispenser. The product code is ODM-3123. This is probably one of our favorite promotional products for business!

Beard Grooming Kit 

Novelty is definitely its selling point. This beard grooming kit also makes the perfect custom premium gift for companies and personal care products, read more about it here: 

Custom Laundry Hamper 

Laundry baskets are a staple in every home. But did you know that they also make excellent promotional products for business? Learn more about them here: 

How can the industry cope with the changing travel retail landscape? Check out these premium items for travel retail marketing.

If you are looking for practical promotional products for business, then check these promotional kitchen products out! 

How can ODM help?

Are you looking for unique and practical promotional products for business? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging. We have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that can help with innovative branded promotional products and promotional product designs for your business. We can also help with designing and sourcing POS display units, Custom Retail Packaging, and Custom Promotional Merchandise.

Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services to ensure that your merchandise is done according to your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!

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