On-pack free gift promotions are fast becoming the most ingenious way to spice up the marketing/advertisement of your brand. With each passing day, more brands are becoming creative with these ideas and we want to share one of them with you today.

In a supermarket in Kathmandu, Nepal we recently saw this on-pack promotion on Coco pops cereal package that caught our attention.

on-pack free gift

What makes for a killer on-pack free gift promo?

  • Quality: The quality of the product you are giving out is important because nobody would be enticed by non-durable things or things that they don’t necessarily feel will add value to them. the whole point of an on-pack giveaway is to drive sales of your product using this free gift incentive so you want to make sure that the quality of what you are giving it is up to par.
  • Relevance: Most people who eat this coco pops cereal are children and( granted, adults eat it too but adults love collectibles too) The point of this is to let you know how relevant this free toy is to the target audience. This is something that will ultimately influence consumer behaviour and encourage increased purchases. This is because it is something that is of interest to the consumer. In planning a killer on-pack free gift promo, make sure your gift of choice is relevant and of interest to your audience.
  • Placement: From the image above, you can see that the free gift promo is attached to the body of the product. This is an amazing placement because it gives it visibility and makes it hard to miss. It is also a great way to catch the attention of people and inspire unplanned purchases. Imagine a person scanning through the shelves and seeing this promo. Their eyes are instantly drawn to it and before they know, they’ve added it to their cart.
  • Design: The most important thing in your free gift merchandise is the design. You would notice that the colours on the on-pack free gift promo rhyme with the actual colours of the cereal package in a way that is harmonious and easy on the eyes. Another impressive thing is how the information is clear and very visible. On the top, you can see the free wheels clearly written and the word “free” is very obvious at well. What this does is it registers in the person’s mind and psychologically, they’re instantly drawn to it. The design of your promo packaging is as important as the free gift itself.
  • Variety: If you notice, the free gift does not all come in the same design. This is excellent in the sense that in order to get one or more different designs of the on-pack free gift, customers are more than likely to purchase more than one cereal box. This is a brilliant strategy to encourage bulk purchases.

on-pack free gift

What do you stand to gain from a killer on-pack free gift promotion?

  • Increase in brand awareness: An on-pack cereal promotion like this one puts your brand out there especially on shelves where customers are spoilt for choice. This instantly appeals to your target audience because more people are drawn to your brand even people who don’t usually patronize your brand. With this free gift promotion, there is instantly an increased possibility of visibility for your brand.
  • Repeat Purchase through collectibles: Increased awareness of your brand almost always equals increased purchases.  The gifts on each pack are different, so we would expect people to collect, collect, collect… The more aware people are of your product and the promo, the more likely they are to purchase the product. Because it goes from being just an ordinary product they’ll pass by to one that is now calling their attention.
  • Brand retention: On-pack promos are a great way to improve customer retention. Brands are more likely to remember your brand if the promotion stood out to them and even if they don’t buy it then, they are more likely to come back or refer to a friend.
  • Impulse Sales:  You may not need new Cereal for breakfast that morning, but the promo gift tips the scales with your decision.

on-pack free gift

To sum up,

The options are limitless when it comes to on-pack promotion ideas and this is simply just one of them. One of the main reasons this is amazing is because it appeals to the right target audience of the product. So do you know what your target audience would like to have? Are you looking to design a killer on-pack promotion that would capture the action of your audience? Take the first step, and contact ODM today.

on-pack free gift

on-pack free gift

Contact ODM

With years of experience in the promotional product industry, our merchandisers and product designers will surely be able to help you design and source excellent custom promotional merchandise for your business. We will do our best to give you the best possible promotional gifts and marketing tools. So contact The ODM Group today!

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