Ariel is offering a free branded container with the purchase of their 1750g detergent powder. What caught our attention is the unique design of the lid, which looks like the cover of a washing machine. This custom product container made quite an impression on us.

Custom Product Container

Custom Product Container

Shoppers are always looking for something new to try. This means every product on the shelf is a potential purchase. While the effectiveness of the product comes first on the list, this could all change once they see a product that is well-packaged. This is because people equate “beautiful packaging” with quality. This example by Ariel commands attention straightaway.


Why We Love this Free Branded Container?

Relevant: The branded container helps to reinforce their brand maxim: “Machine Expert.” Of course, buyers will need a sturdy container for their detergent powder. As such, this solves the issue of having to buy another separate item to store the powder detergent.

Finer Brand Recall: Since Ariel is a popular detergent brand, having a promotional giveaway product that matches with the main selling item creates finer brand recall.

Custom Product Container

Custom Product Container

Incentivizes Customers: Offering free items not only adds more value to their purchases but also incentivizes customers. In return, buyers may give back by supporting your brand. Customer incentives are a major driver for in-store sales.

Reusable: The free item can be used to store remaining detergent other small items in the garage such as nails and thumbtacks. Being reusable, it stays with the target market long enough to really drive your message.

First Impression: Your packaging is the first impression buyers get from your brand. Thus, it plays an important role in influencing their buying behavior. Buyers are easily impressed by beautiful products, and they are more open to trying new products when the packaging is unique.


Our Key Takeaways…

Marketing in-store is never easy. With so many products competing for shelf space and customers’ attention, it is always easy to get pushed back in a sea of similar-looking products. As such, you need to really plan out your product packaging design.

This example by Ariel shows that your packaging should also embody your company vision. In effect, the custom product container served as their business card.


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