Champagne is a very popular and luxurious drink. The market is really competitive and brands are rolling out different promotional strategies to stand out.  Recently, I came across this Champagne Gift Packaging by Veuve Cliquot at a supermarket in Singapore. This custom retail packaging stood out for me because of its uniqueness. It is a metal tin in the shape of a pencil.

Champagne Gift Packaging

Champagne Gift Packaging

This promotion strategy by the Champagne company is a great example of being on-brand and also increasing their brand awareness.

Here are a few reasons why we love this Champagne Gift Packaging design:

Unique Design

The packaging is in the shape of a pencil. Shoppers walking past may be intrigued by it because it is something unconventional.

In fact, the inspiration behind the design of out-of-the-box champagne bottle packaging is from Veuve Clicquot winemakers in the past. They used the sketch pencil to take down notes during wine tastings. This interesting backstory makes the packaging on-brand and can help differentiate their brand from others.

Champagne Gift Packaging

Champagne Gift Packaging

On top of that, the pastel colours of the pencil match the colours of the label. The colour is also very visually appealing luminous which can capture people’s attention.


Keeps Drink Cool

Champagne is best served cold. The metal tin can keep the champagne cool for up to 2 hours. This is extremely useful for people who are giving it as a high-end gift to others at a party.


Boost Perceived Value

Having a champagne gift packaging can also make your brand feel more high end. The metallic feature of the casing gives the brand a very premium feel. Shoppers are usually picky when selecting wine and champagne and would judge the product based on the label and packaging. Usually, they prefer something more premium. When seeing the wine packaging, they may select that brand over the rest.


Drive Impulse Buys

This packaging can also be a free gift with purchase. Shoppers may think that buying the bottle of champagne is value for money. Furthermore, the casing being limited edition urges shoppers to get them before it is no longer available.

In addition, the pencil casing can also be a great home decor! Shoppers may want to buy their product in order to keep this pencil tin case.


Our Learning Points

A champagne gift packaging is a great promotional strategy for your brand to stay competitive in a big market. Investing in custom packaging designs can make your brand feel more premium and have a competitive advantage. In addition, it can drive more sales as customers may be more interested in your product.


How ODM can help

Looking for brand packaging designs for your next promotion? Do not hesitate to reach out to the ODM team for assistance. We specialise in custom promotional products and also help with a number of brands with promotional product packaging. We can help you from product design, to sourcing, to manufacturing, and to shipping. Leave it all to us and we will deliver high-quality products.

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