New Years Eve will see many Champagne bottles popping. The major brands spend lots of money on packaging to separate themselves from the crowds.  Few brands do it better than Veuve Clicquot

Packaging, labels, Bottle Neckers, gifts and Point of Sales Displays strongly encourage potential buyers to purchase your product over the competition.  Poor quality gifts and packaging can have the opposite effect  – See our blog on Red Wine Promotion in China.

Duty free shops in Asia are still carrying this packaging from Veuve Clicquot. The bottles of the famous French Champagne brand are neatly packed in a yellow refrigerator shaped packaging.

This plastic promo item is branded and can be opened with a handle in order to make it as real as possible. We like this promotional packaging since it gives clients a high perceived value and it gives product lots of shelf space.

Marketing and graphic design combine to make this Retro Promotion like old fridge (also with insulating properties). Packaging says so much about your product.

ODM can help you design your on pack packaging/in pack packaging with the right colour/material/shape to tie in with your product. Do not hesitate to challenge our buying office to give your business the best chances to succeed.

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