Veuve Clicquot has recently included a promotional champagne suit bag within its promotional merchandise. Veuve Cliquot is a French brand that produces one of the most world-class and prestigious champagnes in the industry. Brands within the beverage industry require huge amounts of investments in promo gifts in order to attract and retain customers.


Promotional Champagne Suit bag by Veuve Clicquot

Promotional Champagne Suit bag by Veuve Clicquot

How does this promotional champagne suit bag enable Veuve Clicquot to gain more customers?

This promotional champagne suit bag will definitely increase the value perceived of the champagne bottles by this brand as the packaging included is tremendously luxurious.

Luxurious brands are always expected to use high-end gifts to promote their brand. We do not expect them to use cheap merchandise at all. This packaging will definitely increase the value of each bottle.

The promotional champagne suit bag comes with an umbrella handle which makes it easy for people to carry bottles around and at the same time using a really innovative promotional item. This will make this brand earn some exclusivity in the gifts offered as we have seen every standard cooler bags for beverages.

We can fully customize this kind of packaging according to our colors and we can play around with the type of fabric.

Want to include new functions? Why not also use it as a cooler bag? We can add some EPE foil inside so that your champagne bottles are kept cool enough.

Are you looking to promote a specific campaign or event and not sure about what exclusive items to include? Why not get our design team to brainstorm for you?!

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