Starbucks branded banner has been displaying excellent  branding in front of the shops in China while people are passing by.  It is a very good advertising method to catch customers’s attention with cost effective banners.

With the low cost in printing, Starbucks has taken good advantage of low printing costs for banner manufacturing in China.

This kind of marketing strategy can easily gain higher efficiency with low cost, especially will contribute to Starbucks´ marketing expansion strategies over tons of locations in China.


Starbucks Branded Banner Manufacturing in China

Starbucks Branded Banner Manufacturing in China

The Benefit of Starbucks a Branded Banner.

Banner advertising is one of the physical marketing ways. In China, it can save your cost to print the banner for advertising due to its developed printing technology and low material acquisition. It is easy to be customized in any shape and size. The color and brands are also personalized according to your pantones. Cardboard paper as well as fabric is preferred.

Furthermore, it is reusable for all your campaigns. The banner engages in the communication between the shop and customers at the first sight of the shop.

The branded banner can increase the public awareness. It is widely used to warm up your events for every single industry.

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