We recently spotted this limited series merchandise in different Starbucks in Zhuhai. This is not the first time the popular coffee shop has done a limited series promotion. They know their target market and always match their promotional merchandise to the occasion. This is one of the reasons they have such a strong loyal market base.

Limited series merchandise

Limited series merchandise

Starbucks released the limited series merchandise just in time for the Dragon Boat Festival. Also called “Duanwu Festival,” it is a public holiday that originated in China and is also celebrated in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Dragon boat racing and eating “Zhongzhi” are the highlights of the event. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to China’s lunar calendar and this year’s Dragonboat festival falls on the 25th of June.

Last time, Starbucks has offered a limited-edition Zhongzhi bag to mark their summer promotion. The company is known to offer exclusive products that correspond to specific events and holidays to further boost their brand campaign.

If you are curious to see the amazing benefits of offering limited series merchandise, keep scrolling down!


What Customers Can Expect from Starbucks limited Series Merchandise Promotion

Promotion – Firstly, the limited edition merchandise are available in in several Starbucks shops in China. You buy 10 dumplings and you get a free unique bag as promotional branded merchandise.

Bags – Then, the gift that clients will receive is a unique promotional bag, which is made from sustainable materials. There are two different designs and the designs with dragons artwork commemorate the Dragon Boat Festival. The first one is a drawstring bag with black, blue, and red colors and also a dragon head in the center of the bag with “Go Green” banner sticking out from its mouth. The second one with handles comes in white, red, green, and blue color combination with some leaf designs.

Limited offer – Aside from the bags, they are also offering a limited-edition wallet, which is available until the 5th of June 2020. First come, first-served basis. The design is also towards dragon-inspired.

Limited series merchandise

Limited series merchandise black drawstring bag

What are the benefits of limited series merchandise promotions?

Strengthen customer loyalty – The first purpose of launching this type of promotional campaign is to strengthen customer loyalty. It is well known that clients like to receive free gifts. Moreover, if the gift is made from high-quality and sustainable material, with beautiful design, clients will surely appreciate it. Giving unique free gifts to clients have several advantages and one of those benefits is a strong and deep relationship with customers and increased loyalty.

Boost sales – Moreover, the Gift With Purchase campaign allows to boost Starbucks’ sales. If you buy 10 dumplings, you will get a free amazing gift. Clients will be more likely to buy 10 dumplings to receive the gift, especially when the design is beautiful.

Limited series merchandise

Limited series merchandise

Try new products – Clients will receive one of these amazing bags (and maybe also free wallet) if they buy 10 dumplings. This is a perfect opportunity to promote their dumplings to locals and even tourists who are curious about this delicacy. Doing this promotion allows companies to boost the sales of dumplings. There are 10 different flavor of icy dumplings from the freshest ones to the sweetest ones.

Create emotional connections to the brand – Finally, the emotional connection created between customers and brand is what helps build stronger loyalty. If a customer gains a memorable and positive experience with your brand (for example by receiving a beautiful gift), they will surely come back and buy again.

Limited series merchandise

Limited series merchandise


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Other interesting Starbucks promotions

Buy a membership card in Starbucks and get a pouch card holder”, excellent customer loyalty program idea to reward customers.  This product also doubles as a branded mask bag, which is very timely for the current coronavirus situation.

If you are thinking about how you can extend brand engagement and visibility, consider using imprinted bags. As more people are traveling during the summer season, a branded bag would be a practical marketing gift you could give your customers.

Starbucks often collaborates with other brands or artists to give their company a boost. Last year, they worked with famous contemporary clothing company Alice + Olivia for their Valentine’s Day promotion. The result? Eye-catching merchandise that customers really love!

For the Year of the dog, Starbucks offered exciting exclusive coffee shop merchandise which includes a Year of the Dog stored value card and a card holder. A Bearista Bear keychain is also being offered as a limited-edition CNY merch. Amazing line of promotional product for last year makes us even more excited for 2019 Year of the Pig!

We can’t get enough of Starbucks cool merch!