Starbucks once again impressed us with their cute promotional branded merchandise. They offered a host of brilliant merchandise such as drinking cups, mugs, bunny-themed lunch set, bunny coasters, and promotional keyrings.

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Starbucks China never fails to deliver cute coffee shop merchandise that everyone loves. In the past, they have offered imprinted bags, custom card holders and branded coffee tumblers. They always offer beautiful yet functional products so that customers will always find use for their promotional offers.

Here are some of their awesome promotional branded merchandise and why we love them!


Why Starbucks Cool Promotional Branded Merchandise Stood Out to Us

1.Bunny Lunch Box Set

We certainly love the pink lunch box set which consists of pink food keepers, bunny lunch bag, cutlery set, and a cute branded thermos. Students and parents will surely find this gift set a practical offer. These are perfect for home, school, and office use.

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Promotional Branded Merchandise


2. Bunny Mug and Fluffy Coaster Set

Starbucks China has recently released a Bunny Mug and Fluffy Coaster set for those who love this cute character. Perfect for hot beverage, the bunny mug comes in pink hue while the coaster is a white fuzzy mat with bunny ears, which is really fun to look at. As they are limited-edition, the perceived value of the product is high. Therefore, fans will be encouraged to make the purchase while supplies last.


3. Custom Printed Tumblers

Their promotion is not complete with their beautiful and high quality tumblers. This one is made out of ceramics with heart prints, making it an ideal gift for coffee lovers. With more and more coffee shops ditching disposable cups for a more eco-friendly one, customers can bring this tumbler with them to their favorite Starbucks outlet or coffee shop to buy drinks.

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Promotional Branded Merchandise


4. Alpaca Glass Cup

Starbucks China has recently released its line of cute coffee merch in the shape of various cute animals. This one is a glass cup with an Alpaca as its cover. Promotional Branded Merchandise Promotional Branded Merchandise

When not in use, turn the cup upside down and use the alpaca cover as a protective mat.

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Promotional Branded Merchandise

5. Starbucks Bearista Bear Keychain

Out of all the items presented, this cute pair of bear keychains is our favorite. The Bearista Bear is Starbucks’ iconic mascot released in 1997 to commemorate special events and holidays. They have released numerous Bearista Bear plush toys, figurines, and custom keychains since. These Bearista Bear keychains wear green apron with carabiners attached on each Bearista charm.

Promotional Branded Merchandise

Promotional Branded Merchandise


Previous Starbucks Promotional Branded Merchandise

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In this case study, we explained how customer loyalty plays a crucial role in Starbucks success.


So, were you inspired by Starbucks’ marketing stratgy? Well, we are sure that you can be successful like them. Whether you own a coffee shop, a beverage company, or a clothing store, there is no doubt that using the right promotional merchandise for your business contributes greatly to your success.

If you need assistance with sourcing products or designing merchandise, contact The ODM team today! We will help you brainstorm brilliant custom promotional merchandise ideas for your business. So get in touch with us!

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