Starbucks has launched new in store marketing campaign in Hong Kong. The branded mobile charging stations are going to be placed on every table providing an opportunity for the customers to charge their phones for free.

Even though Starbucks brand strategy is based mainly on the word of mouth effect, letting the quality of product and service speak for themselves. Occasionally the brand is arranging in store marketing activities in order to enhance the service.

Case Study: Starbucks In Store Marketing

Case Study: Starbucks In Store Marketing

What are the benefits of in store marketing?

Use of promotional merchandise for the in store marketing provides an excellent opportunity for logo exposure and can be used as a giveaway. Depending on the size of the branded item, it can provide sufficient advertising space not only for the logo or artwork, but also for the slogan or pretty much anything you want to be displayed.

This promotional item will be very much appreciated by Starbucks’ core customers – young urban professionals, whose life is hectic and much dependent on the phone. They will value an opportunity to charge their phones while enjoying a cup of coffee. As in this case, the phone charging station serves both purposes – to rise the brand recall along with the brand recognition and also as an add on to overall Starbucks experience.

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