Branded items are a great marketing option for companies to implement, this example of a bean bag phone holder reflects this in terms successfully promoting a brand. This item will be an effective branding tool and will bring many benefits to the company that will help in assisting sales and profit. Businesses using these products will have a wide choice on how to implement them, from gift with purchase to free giveaways!

Successful Branded Item: Bean Bag Phone Holder

Successful Branded Item: Bean Bag Phone Holder

These items are very versatile, besides being use for protection, holders offers large space for printing the company brand on. This could be an opportunity for all sorts of companies. Particularly brands with large followings and loyal customers such as football brands.  By flashing your favourite ‘brand’ on a phone holder especially something so prominent as  a phone will give the customer a sense of identity and uniqueness.

This is very common with branded key-rings, however not many brands have exploited the space on phone holders. Therefore this is providing a perfect opportunity for marketers to take advantage of, creating an fantastic way to increase brand recognition and awareness in the long-run.


Benefits of a Branded Phone Holder

There many important benefits to creating branded phone holders including;

  • Brand Awareness – As mentioned above, a fundamental advantage of branded items is the increased awareness of the brand. As briefly mentioned, due to the popularity of this type of product will mean the brand and the product will be effectively promoted on a large scale.


  • Perceived Value – By adding a good quality branded print to the item will increase the value of the product and ultimately the brand, that will give a competitive edge over major competitors.


  • Brand Recognition – Equally as important as awareness is brand recognition. The more you see the keyring the more times you recognise and think of the brand, which in long run will make consumers remember and potentially favour your brand over competitors.


  • Ultimately Increased sales – all the benefits above and added benefit of competitive advantage will combine together to increase sales in short and longer term.


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