Customizable products are a particularly effective advertising and promotional tool that companies should pursue and use as part of their wider promotional product range. Particularly this this latest docking station used to charge multiple phones and other electronically items. The opportunities for products like this are endless and can indirectly benefit the company through using them as a promotional product.

Customizable Products- New Docking Station

Customizable Products- New Docking Station

This Smart and futuristic looking product can used for a range of businesses from all over the world. Especially in todays society where a large proportion of people are addicted to their smart phone and therefore charging is regular occurrence. Therefore this multi- person  docking station provides a useful necessity that many customer could use while in direct contact with a business. For example in the service industry such as banking these could undoubtedly be a successful investment where customers are waiting around and in contact for long periods.

These docking stations can easily be customized for any company wishing to implement them. The product offers a large  space where business have the opportunity to print their branded name upon and also change the colour of the station so that it fits in with the association of their brand colours.

Not only could this be provided for customers to use but also for employees working in an office environment further demonstrating its utility and versatility for businesses. This could have long-term benefit of mope satisfaction.

Customizable Products: New Docking Station

Customizable Products: New Docking Station

Specific Benefits for Implementing a Customizable Docking Station

  •  Brand Association  – As this product is clearly perceived as high quality, smart and futuristic,  people will start to associate the product with brand. therefore will improve the image and value of the company.


  • Brand Recognition – If company prints brand name or logo upon the docking station, consuemrs will start to recognise this brand. The more you see a logo, subconsciously you will think and remember that brand. which in long-run is likely to boost sale for the company in question.


  • Brand Awareness – As mentioned above, a fundamental advantage of branded items is the increased awareness of the brand. As briefly mentioned, due to the popularity of this type of product will mean the brand and the product will be effectively promoted on a large scale.

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