Total a French Gas station company is currently offering this promotional gift.


gas station promo france

Gas station promo by Total in France


Gas station promo gift campaigns are usually quite interesting due to the number of  constraints. First of all, people usually do not plan to spend a lot of money in these highway shops. They also don’t want to be given bulky things even if they are given away for free. So it’s very important to be very inventive. That’s why we have decided to put together this list of cool gas station promo gift ideas for you!


Gas station promo by Total, France


In association with La Grande Récré, a very famous toy retailer in France. Total has decided to offer board games in order to target families during the summer holidays.


gas station promo board games

Gas station promo idea – board games


We really think board games are a great idea as it brings people together. Targeting families during the summer holidays with this promotional gift is a superb idea. Board games are a great way of getting a family to become closer with each other .It wrenches children and adults away from their electronic devices. The family is likely to enjoy each others company. As with this board game, it ensures that people are able to share a good moment together. Players are likely to associate the fun they had with your brand identity! This association as a result is likely to influence future purchases of the user from your company. So if you are looking for marketing gifts ideas to connect players we strongly recommend you check out the link in this sentence.


Further gas station promo gift ideas


When the sun is out. Many people go to the beach or swimming pool. Inflatables as a result can be a real hit during summer. What is better than relaxing out at sea or at the swimming pool in your own inflatable? This promotional gift is not only useful but is also convenient to use too as it is easy to pack away. As a result this product is definitely going to be a successful gas station promo idea.


Gas station promo inflatable

Gas station promo gift ideas for summer: inflatables


If you are looking at leveraging your brand image, you can also consider a safety-oriented gas station promo items. You will find a lot of ideas if you check out our blog about tire companies promotion.


gas station promo safety kits

Gas station promo – safety kits


A good example would be this safety kit above as seen above.  Although being a bigger item than the regular gas station promo gifts. It is a highly useful product that will be stored in the car . Through being stored in the long term, it will have long-term visibility to the driver and the passengers. When the users’ car breaks down. This safety kit is likely to be deployed. For instance the red safety triangle will be used when the car breaks down. It warns other vehicle drivers that there is a broken down vehicle ahead. Warning other drivers to take caution, will help to avoid further car accidents . Being a lifesaving product, a company who provides this product as a promo gift.Is likely to benefit highly from receiving the goodwill of this customer. Further goodwill may also be developed if the user spreads news of this promotional gift via word of mouth and social media channels.


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