Use this stackable power station to expose your brand if you are looking for a phone charger promotional idea that will boost your brand image.

With the unique design, each disc will fully charge two smart phones at the same time. It also includes a huge branding space that will enable high visibility to your corporate brand.

Expose Your Brand With This Stackable Power Station

Expose Your Brand With This Stackable Power Station

How Does This Stackable Power Station Expose Your Brand?

This unique stackable design used as a power station will definitely stand out from other common models and give your brand the exclusiveness to shine.

We all know that a functional promotional product adds more value compared to a standard promotional product. This stackable power station is an excellent example for being a functional product but also with branding added and  it becomes a great marketing tool.

This product can charge two phones at the same time in the restaurant, gas station, airport, or any other locations you are based in.

Expose Your Brand With This Stackable Power Station

Expose Your Brand With This Stackable Power Station

The most important point is that this power station has infinite capacity expansion by adding a single charger!

Customers would love to receive this innovative product that has a high utility value. It is extremely useful and is certainly a gift that build up customer loyalty. Your customer perception rate will increase as people will value a giveaway that is completely different to the standard ones they will receive from any other brand and the fact that it is so practical definitely makes it more convenient for people to carry around.

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Use This Unique Power Tower To Impress Your Customers.

This smart device is widely applicable in various locations. It perfectly supports Apple devices with one lightning cable and another micro cable fit for other devices. It has the advantage of portability and infinite power.

You would definitely delight your customer with this excellent marketing stackable power station. If you are interested in this cool item please refer to our database ODM-P-444.