Mobile phone producers are constantly releasing new mobile phone models, so this is a really competitive industry. In this case they need to make efforts to attract and retain customers. This Huawei custom charging station is a great idea to surprise customers and increase brand awareness.

Advertising Idea from Huawei – Custom Charging Station

Advertising Idea from Huawei – Custom Charging Station

This Huawei advertising idea not only catches people’s eyes but also gives them opportunity to charge their mobile phones on the street. Besides this LED marketing idea  is designed in this way that can charge several mobile devices at the same time.

Why is this custom charging station is effective for Huawei promotion?

  • Branding Area. Usually advertising displays are the best items to be branded because of all this space for branding and also they are fully customizable. But look at this promo stand, it is a huge smartphone looking stand by Huawei! In this case these promo words like “fully custom” are getting the new value.
  • Practicality. Also do not forget that customers can also charge their mobile phones due to this promotional idea. Usually charging takes a certain time. As a result customer can closely look at promoted item and this will bring buying interest to your brand. Besides customers will be thankful that this charging station gave to their mobile phones ability to work for some time. This will uphold your brand reputation in eyes of potential customers.
  • It’s Very High Quality. Due to this promotional idea looks like real smartphone and this can be a great promotion when company produced new flagman smartphone. Thanks to this advertising customers can assess the new design. This high quality advertising screen will attract even those who don’t really follow to novelty releases.

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