As we have mentioned before, the promotional potential for powerbanks as bar charging stations is huge. Powerbank use is constantly rising and there are fantastic opportunities for using these promotional products for your promotional campaign. We are proud to show the updated version of our Table Top Bar Charging Station.

Table Top Bar Charging Station

Table Top Bar Charging Station

What are the benefits of a Table Top Bar Charging Station?

Clearly the most obvious benefit is that by allowing customers to charge their electronics, you will make them much more likely to stay longer in the establishment. The table top bar charging station can feature a number of different cords for the most popular electronics, along with USB ports, so customers can even use their own cord. By allowing customers to spend more time in an establishment, you increase the amount of time they will be aware of your brand.

The table top bar charging station has fantastic potential for branding. The large, flat branding area is perfect for placing your brand and logo upon it. Alongside this, when the bar charging station is operating, it lights up which will attract further attention to your brand. With highly visible branding and no limit on shape, size or style of the table top bar charging stations, brand awareness and exposure will be dramatically increased.

Finally with these characteristics, consumers will have increased interaction with your brand through the branded table top bar charging station. While increasing the possibility of impulse purchasing and strengthening brand recognition, as this kind of advertising will leave a longer and deeper impression on consumers.

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