Why Shopper Marketing Managers Need this Advertising Charging Station?

Nowadays, you will find charging stations everywhere. This is so that people can charge their phones whenever the need to replenish their battery juice arise. You can find them at airports, convenience stores, schools, and hospitals. The designs and capability of the charging stations have also evolved to keep up with technology and the needs of people. Let us introduce you to this Advertising Charging Station with UV Sanitation lockers. Being coin-operated is also one of its unique features.


advertising charging station

Advertising Charging Station


Why Have an Advertising Charging Station?

The brick-and-mortar retail is not dying. According to Forbes, it is the boring retail that is dissolving. As different technological and product advancements started to boom, customers’ buying behaviors started to change as well. The challenge that retail stores are facing right now is how to rise in the competition against big stores in the high streets.

High-tech, yet easy to use, this advertising charging station would be an ideal marketing tool to raise publicity and encourage customers to stop and visit your retail store. Here are the additional features that would definitely amaze your customers.

advertising charging station


1. Charging Capacity

This advertising charging station is specifically designed for mobile phone charging. It allows customers to charge their phones without waiting for their turns because it has 8 charging lockers that can be used simultaneously. Moreover, each locker has industrial-grade braided 3-1 charging cables since customers have different mobile phone brands used. In addition, the charging station is compatible with earphones, microphones, and  MP3 / MP4 players.

The kiosk also has a fast-charging ability for instant mobile charging. Therefore, this is ideal for people who barely have time to wait in a queue to charge their mobile devices.


2. Safe Charging

Customers don’t have to worry about losing their phones as each locker works as a safety vault with a safety lock.  The screen pin code feature of this advertising charging station gives the customers the freedom to do other things or check your store while they are waiting for their phones to be recharged.

advertising charging station

Advertising Charging Station


3. Mobile Cleaning

Scientists at the University of Arizona found out that there are 17,000 bacterial gene copies residing on high schooler mobile phones. In addition, a cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Very alarming indeed.

Aside from its charging capacity, this charging station can clean and sanitize mobile phones. It is designed with new UV-C Disinfection Technology that kills 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses in just 5 minutes. As the threat of Covid- 19 still lingers, providing something that would keep your customers safe is very important.

4. Language Support

The language support feature of this machine is another strong selling point of this charging station. Since not everyone understands or familiar with the English language or any local dialect in your area, this charging station is programmed with a multi-lingual feature. There are 8 languages that can be used in the system – English, Deutsch, русский, Espanol, François, Portuguese and Italiano, and Arabic. Moreover, it has an audio guide for a better charging and browsing experience.

5. Coin Operated

Just like other typical vending machines found in the streets or any establishments, this charging station operates with the use of a coin. The customers have to insert the coin into the slot to have their phone cleaned or recharged. Thus, they don’t have to wait in the long line at the counter to pay for the service.


New Feature

Wait, there’s more! Aside from the amazing features mentioned above, there’s an additional feature that would definitely help you in marketing your products.

The advertising charging station has a touch screen system that gives customers the convenience to browse the machine. People who have visual problems can use the machine comfortably since it comes with 1024 x 600 screen pixels that give users a better browsing experience.

The display screen can play your marketing content on demand. In effect, it takes the work out of advertising your current promotional campaigns, new products, contests, and even Public Service Announcements.


How to Get the Most Out Of this Advertising Charging Station?

Having said all the high-tech features of this multi-charging station, how can you utilize this product to power up your retail store and lure in more customers?

advertising charging station

Advertising Charging Station

1. Place the charging station where people can easily access it.

Strategic positioning of your charging station is a very smart tactic to invite more customers. When a passerby has to recharge their phones but does not have the access to any outlet and see your available charging station, they would definitely make a stopover to your place. Even though they initially have no intention to drop by your store, they would have the urge to do so.

While waiting for their phones, they’ll be naturally drawn to explore and check the products in the vicinity. This passerby would be more likely to become your regular customer once they become satisfied with their first transaction made with you. Thus, this is a great way to power up sales and encourage impulse buying.


2. Customize the machine with your brand name or logo.

Flaunt your product and services using this custom charging station. The model comes with a brand new easy to use cloud-based software that can be used for creating and managing digital signage. User-friendly, this machine will enable you to create, schedule, and manage visual content on the screen even without the help of an IT expert. You can flash your brand name, logo, products, and services on the screen to gain publicity and awareness.


3. Expose the item to your store event.

Get recognized with this advertising charging station. Since the item is customizable, you may flash all your services and products offered on the charging station screen. Moreover, infusing technology advancement in your event would probably invite more customers, especially the so-called millennial shoppers. As the consumers’ behavior evolves throughout the years, this Point of purchase display not only offers convenience but also makes your in-store marketing so engaging and impactful.


To Summarize

Planning the best promotional strategy is the hardest part of being a marketing manager. It really takes time and effort to come up with the most compelling marketing idea for every brand.

One of the most feasible promotional campaigns observed today is product innovation and keeping up with the trend. As exemplified by this charging station, it is very important to tailor your POS display to the current needs of people. This will help you stay relevant no matter the season.

In addition, upgrading the services you offer will give you huge competitive advantages over other companies. Most importantly, considering the customers’ experience is one of the main factors that encourage shoppers to come to your store in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a phone charging station?

A phone charging station is a machine used to recharge phones and other electrical devices. It can be seen in different stores and establishments. Moreover, there are wireless charging stations, and there some that use wires to operate.

How to set up charging station for your business?

It is very easy to set up a charging station in your establishment or retail store. There are manufacturers that produce easy-to-set-up models that enable store owners to set it up on their own. Likewise, there are companies that offer their services in setting up a charging station.

Why should I use the advertising charging station in my business?

Charging station is indeed an effective promotional tool to drive more customers to your store. High-tech, easy to use , and very accessible, charging station is a great way to gain brand awareness and visibility.

















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