Technology is always changing, and we got to adapt. Gone are the days when we had sockets which resulted in those small holes in the walls. With technology evolving, built-in plugs are the way to go. Correction, Built-in Multi Plug, in plural form due to our multiple electronic devices. Here is why having a custom built-in multi plug is a good store investment!

Brand Image

Let’s be honest, these custom built-in multi plug looks impressive. Not only does it remove the disgusting holes in your wall, but also look like an item from the comic books. With something so futuristic in your store, not only will your store attract more people, but customers will also look up to your store as a premium brand. With technology constantly evolving, having this built-in multi plug also lets your customers know that you are keeping up with the times and staying relevant.

Built-in Multi Plug

Built-in Multi Plug

Highly Customisable

These built-in multi plugs are highly customisable. As long as the utility function remains, you can customise many aspects fo the multiplug, this can include, colour, size, the number of sockets, size, and even the design of the built-in multi plug. This allows you to customise the multiplug to properly showcase your brand and your brand’s message. However, brands should also control the amount of customisation needed, as these costs can easily escalate on top of the already expensive base cost.

Overall these multi plugs do help your brand benefits lots, especially in terms of upping your brand image as well as showcasing your brand’s message. However, brands should either budget a high cost for this project or watch their budget to prevent overspending. Interested in this product? Email us to get a quote for product code 2443!

How Can ODM Help?

Looking for High Tech Giveaways to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing marketing promo items for your business. Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective corporate promotional products!

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