With the Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums Fair ongoing, more people will be inclined to visit the fair on the weekends during their free time. With a larger crowd to tackle, brands should look to using a trade fair promotion to promote their booths. Here are some examples of promo giveaways which will be happening before and during this weekend!

Trade Fair Promotion

Trade Fair Promotion

Pre-Register Weekend Trade Fair Promotion

Albeit most trade fair promotion still happens during the weekend itself, when there are more people, some promotions do require preregistration. This strategy allows the brand to estimate how many people will be visiting the booth on the weekend itself, plus also “pre-booking” customers.

Having customers register for contest giveaways with you in advance provides more guarantee that customers will show up at your booth even if it is just for a chance to win something. With more assurance over the turnout, these brands can then focus more on how to sell their products to customers. However, for such built up giveaways, customers usually expect a decently priced/expensive giveaway prize. This might seem like a negative to corporate budgets, but might also be a plus point when marketing a new product. This allows the brand to actively promote a new product and also garner public interest over the product. Brands get to test a new product, while customers feel it is a branded giveaway.


Weekend Trade Fair Promotion

Due to the massive turnouts, it is during the weekends that fairs hold their customer giveaway promotions. Giveaways motivate people to visit all the fair and also visit all the booths. These giveaways provide good opportunities for brand and customers to interact. Here are some of the Hong Kong Gifts & Premiums trade fair promotion happening this weekend.

Trade Fair Promotion

Trade Fair Promotion

There are 4 main product giveaways happening, the travel neck pillow, the wheat tableware, the travel toiletry bag, and the giraffe precision screwdrivers.

Terms and Conditions

The travel neck pillow and wheat tableware can be redeemed on the 27th and 28th April, while the travel toiletry bag and giraffe precision screwdrivers are redeemable on the 29th and on the 30th April. These trade fair promotion can be redeemed at the respective stated booths by simply presenting the leaflet, business card, as well as customer’s buyer badge at the counter during the stated timings. These promos cannot, however, be redeemed with other promotions.

trade fair promotion

trade fair promotion

The 4 Promo Products in the Trade Fair Promotion

1. Wheat Tableware

Customer can redeem wheat tableware set at booth 6-H00 at the HK Printing and Packaging Fair. Wheat is an eco-friendly alternative to metal/plastic utensils due to its ability to be more biodegradable. By giving away a wheat tableware set, not only does this provide customers with their own utensils to consume their food, but also encourages customers to use eco-friendly alternatives.

Interested in using eco-friendly products as promotional products? Why not consider eco-friendly bags?

2. Travel Neck Pillow

Customers can redeem a travel neck pillow from booth 5F-B27 at the HK Gifts and Premium Fair. This is especially thoughtful from HKTDC as customers visiting the HK Gifts and Premium Fair might have travelled long distances just to visit the fair. Providing them with a travel neck pillow not only acknowledges the fact that they made an effort to travel just to visit the fair, but ensures that the customer’s travel back will be comfortable.

trade fair promotion

trade fair promotion

3. Giraffe Precision Screwdrivers

Customers can redeem giraffe precision screwdrivers from booth  6-H00 at the HK Printing and Packaging Fair. Providing visitors with quirky souvenirs not only etches a unique memory but also creates a positive impression of the Printing and Packaging Fair. Designs which are out of the ordinary tend to capture and retain the audience’s memory better. With visitors remembering the positive impressions better, they will be more inclined to revisit the fair.

Interested in other quirky innovative promo gifts? Why not consider these custom shaped spoons?

4. Travel Toiletry Bag

Customers can redeem a travel toiletry bag from booth 5F-B27 at the HK Gifts and Premium Fair. Visitors of the far might have travelled long distances to visit the fair. When preparing for travel, customers might have brought a large number of belongings with them. Providing them with a bag allows them to better pack their belongings when returning. Also, providing them with a branded custom bag allows the HKTDC brand to possibly experience more brand expose. Customers with the bag will also be constantly reminded that they’ve been to the fair before and will be inclined to revisit the fair.


trade fair promotion

trade fair promotion

Trade fair promotion is a good way to help promote your brand exposure to a large audience. Not only will more be aware of your brand, but they will also be able to experience your products firsthand. However, brands should also control the number of marketing giveaways held. Too many giveaways can cause people to perceive your brand as a cheap brand.

How Can ODM Help

Looking for trade show marketing ideas for your products to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique trade fair souvenirs. We have product designers who have vast experience in merchandise designs for your business. Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!


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