Exhibits, trade shows, and expos prove to be brilliant ways to promote brands and products. Moreover, Trade shows play a pivotal role in helping businesses meet with other players in the industry which fosters the process of learning. And to make your attendees’ experience more memorable, trade fair souvenirs are essential.

Recently, we have been invited to an expo in Hong Kong and we got a chance to redeem a custom wireless speaker.

Improve Trade Show Turnout With Trade Fair Souvenirs

Improve Trade Show Turnout With Trade Fair Souvenirs

How To Redeem The Trade Fair Souvenirs?

Firstly, redeeming the custom promotional giveaway is easy and simple. On the first trade fair visit, attendees will receive a pamphlet that needs to be stamped. Once attendees gather 2 stamps, they will be eligible to redeem a free portable wireless sensor speaker. These stamps are collected by visiting and taking part in activities at booths. In this case, stamps can be collected by visiting 2 out of the 4 fairs, stated above.

Improve Trade Show Turnout With Trade Fair Souvenirs

Improve Trade Show Turnout With Trade Fair Souvenirs

Redemption gifts are a great way to foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchase. An example of a Company that has had previous success with using redemption rewards is Pocari Sweat. Take a look at the below case study to understand how this marketing strategy works.

Advantages of A Portable Wireless Speaker As A Redemption Gift

  • Portable – It is handy and portable so customers can take them anywhere. Attendees would certainly love to receive this portable entertainment.
  • Branding Potential – Custom speakers open a lot of marketing opportunities for the brand. A logo can be printed on the body for maximum visibility.
  • Customisable  – The speakers’ customizability makes it a fantastic promotional product. They can come in different shapes, sizes and quirky designs. And If you want to see great promotional speaker designs, please feel free to see the link below.
  • Functional Design – The design is pretty clever because the speaker also doubles as a mobile phone rest/ stand.
Improve Expo Turnout With This Amazing Trade Fair Souvenir

Improve Expo Turnout With This Amazing Trade Fair Souvenir


There are so many products you can use to promote your business. As marketers, you need to be extra creative in selecting the best custom promotional product for your brand to get positive results. And these wireless speakers are definitely one of them.


Other Promotional Items That Could Be A Good Redemption Gift

Aside from portable wireless speakers, there are other items that you can use for your redemption gift campaigns. Obviously, brands should always take into account their marketing budget because you don’t want to lose just to promote your items. In other words, always choose an item that you can afford. Fortunately, our team made a list of promo items that could be used for your next campaigns.

  • Promotional Wireless Chargers – Useful and relevant, attendees certainly appreciate the thought. With your brand printed on the casing, they’ll eventually link your company to great learning experiences.


  • Promo Plush Toys – Use your brand mascot to gain more visibility. Mascots serve as the face of your company and help increase brand recognition. This is because it helps prospective clients to identify your brand from other brands.
  • Promotional Reusable Bags – Attendees will certainly appreciate your giveaway bags as they can be used to carry their trade show souvenirs. Furthermore, being reusable, the bags will gain you unlimited exposure even after the trade show is over.


  • Custom Cable Organizers – Another cool item to hand to your attendees! They’re fantastic trade fair token because they are small, yet functional. They are also customizable to be in quirky shapes. Logo branding can also be printed on the product.


  • Promotional Bags- Custom design bags are great to have. Aside for carrying trade show souvenirs, geometric and flashing bags keep people safe from road accidents by increasing visibility.


If you would like to create your own custom wireless speakers, feel free to contact the ODM team and our professional designers will help you come up with high-quality designs for all your promotional products.


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