Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of methods that can help improve wellness in the workplace. Investing in well-being can generate amazing benefits for many companies. Employees feel happy in the workplace and show better results. This blog will talk about why companies should implement well-being initiatives and highlight the top 10 best initiatives.


Wellbeing initiatives

Well-being initiatives

Why companies should invest in well-being at work?

To reduce stress

If your company implements methods to increase wellness in the workplace (such as sports sessions, healthy snacks, mindfulness methods, etc.) it would help to reduce work-related stress. Doing sport, eating healthy snacks, practicing meditation, or mindfulness will help in an impressive way your employees to deal with stress.

To increase productivity and motivation

Employees will feel better in the workplace and will be more motivated during working hours. Several studies have shown that healthy employees will make better performances because they will be more focused.

To build strong teams

If employees have the opportunity to share extra-work activities, it will be easier for them to build relationships and to get to know each other outside the job positions. So wellness initiatives will boost the cooperation between workers.


10 well-being initiatives that companies should implement

  1. Develop cozy collaboration spaces with plants, seats and table :

    Employees work better and are more productives in a cozy and neutral environment with plants, fresh atmosphere, etc. Good lighting, neutral colors and some punchy touches are the perfect environment to minimise distractions, boost motivation, and reduce stress. Moreover, if you develop collaboration spaces with tables and comfortable seats, it would impressively boost creativity. For example, you can use branded charging tables for gatherings and corporate parties. Another great product, bean bags will be perfect to prevent back pain and boost the informal discussions between your employees. If you are interested in those interesting charging tables, email us and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-1045.
    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives -charging table


    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – charging table


  2. Offer one day / week of remote work : 

    Remote working have a lot of benefits for each type of companies. Firstly in terms of costs, one day of remote working is cost-efficient. Moreover, it’s very beneficial for workers’ mental health. Indeed, they can de-stress and work in their environment. It creates a relationship of trust between you and your employees.
    Wellbeing initiatives - Work-from-Home-Survival-Kit

    Work from home survival kit


    To better manage the remote workers, you might find help with the work from home survival kit. This kit has all the essential tools that your employees will need to work from home. It contains custom hand sanitizers, water bottles, earplugs, door hanger, sustainable pens, wireless charging notebook, funny mug, phone stand, and face mask pouch.
  3.  Take some eco-friendly initiatives : 

    Eco-friendly initiatives are very important in 2020. Being committed to reducing the carbon footprint is essential. Workers will be very happy to work in a company that is engaged in the ecological transition for the planet.

    Wellbeing initiatives - bamboo reusable cups

    Well-being initiatives – bamboo reusable cups

    ODM manufactured a lot of interesting and funny sustainable goods for offices. For example, those reusable bamboo cups. The body is made from bamboo fibre, while the lid and sleeve are made from silicone. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, safe, and reusable. Thus, this helps minimize the need to buy bottled water and drinks in plastic cups every time.  If you are interested in using bamboo cups, email us and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-2418.

    Or this reusable eco-friendly waterproof paper. It has lower environmental impact on the earth and are often used by companies who wants to help in conserving trees.


  4.  Implement sports sessions during lunch breaks :

    A lot of studies have shown that encouraging sport/fitness sessions during lunch breaks can lead to higher productivity. People feel better after doing sport and this is due to the production of endorphins in large quantities. Why not facilitate team building and sports fests for everyone? This will not only help improve their physical health but this will also help build camaraderie. Or offer a discount in an affiliated fitness center.
    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – sport towel

    The perfect promotional item if you decide to implement these initiatives is Wearable Sports Cooling Towel. These towels are perfect to do sport. Moreover, its cooling functionality allows people to stay fresh. If you are interested in developing branded cooling towels, email us, and don’t forget to reference product code: ODM-2694.

  5.  Inspirational quote of the day : 

    Positive messages drive positive mindsets. With this interesting idea, you will boost the creativity and positive vibes in the workplace. You can decide to send it by email, buy some little stickers or simply write it in a visible board in the kitchen where all your staff can see it. However, bear in mind that the inspirational quote have to be in synched with your corporate culture as well as company goals.
    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – stickers


    If you’re looking for funny stickers to write your inspirational quote, ODM manufactures beautiful ones that will not damage the surface on which you will stick it. If you are interested in using those stickers to promote your company while spreading positive vibes, email us, and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-2649.
  6.  Mindfulness training: 

    Be fully conscious in the present moment. That’s the golden rule of happiness and this is the most effective holistic approach to increase the well-being in the workplace. Promoting mental health is one of the most important initiatives if you want to improve your company.
    Wellbeing initiatives - Yoga mats

    Yoga mats


    Mindfulness training has tons of benefits for employees. They will feel happier, more conscious, less stressed, more motivated, and plenty of positive emotions. To do so, you can hire a meditation coach or set some guided meditation for 15 minutes. We can help you by providing some high-quality branded yoga mats. If you are interested in these yoga mats, email us, and quote product code: ODM-1691.
  7.  Invest in stress release tools : 

    Promotional stress toys are very useful for relieving tension. The most effective and cost-efficient tool is a stress ball. It would be handy to have a soft, squeezable toy on hand to relieve some work-related stress. They are also 100% customizable. They can come in different colors, shapes, and materials. You can even develop scented stress balls to make your customers feel even more relaxed. Lavender scent is well-known to be the most relaxing essential oil.
    Wellbeing initiatives - stress balls

    Colorful stress balls

    ODM can help you to develop the perfect customisable stress toys that will make your employees relax in less than no time! If you would like to develop stress ball, email us and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-173.
  8.  Encourage your employees to do single-task instead of multitask work : 

    Encouraging balancing workdays makes more efficient results. Studies show that overbooked employees with tons of tasks and on-going projects are less performing than workers with healthy planning of the workday.
    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – notebook with power bank


    But how can you help them manage their time well? ODM can help you to implement this initiative with some smart notebooks. Our journals and planners come with an integrated power bank with USB cable. Perfect to plan the workday and stay connected if the phone battery runs out. If you are interested in those smart notebooks with power banks, email us and quote product code ODM-2070.

    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – notebook with power bank


  9. Invest in a good office chair

    Investing in a good office chair is essential to prevent back problems of employees. Physical wellness is as important as mental health. If you want to implement this initiative, you can buy some comfortable office chair or even lounge chairs for when customers need to take a break. A comfortable seat cushion is necessary to have a fully comfortable seat. ODM can help design and source comfortable branded seat cushions with different sizes to meet your needs. If you are interested in using comfortable branded cushion seats, email us, and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-1057.

    Wellbeing initiatives

    Well-being initiatives – custom seat cushion

  10.  Walk or bike to work

    Encouraging employees to stay active will generates impressive results in terms of work performance. For example, you can implement the “walk or bike to work” challenge 1 day per week. Your employees will surely love this competition and they will have the choice between walking and cycling. Not only is it good for the planet, but it is also good for the body. We can help you with some bike-seat waterproof covers or Bluetooth locks. If you need those accessories, email us and don’t forget to reference the product code: ODM-2584 for the smart lock or ODM-1706 for the bike-seat waterproof cover.
Wellbeing initiatives

Well-being initiatives – bluetooth locker

Wellbeing initiatives

Well-being initiatives – waterproof seat cover


These wellness initiatives can have tons of benefits in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health. Your employees will surely embrace those smart well-being initiatives as they can help them become more productive, healthier and happier. You can implement these well-being strategies with interesting promotional products that will help promote your brand in the process. Don’t hesitate to contact ODM Group. Our team of experienced designers will help you design and source promotional products for your well-being initiatives.


Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. If you’re interested in gift with purchase, or a POS displays we have comprehensive and ever-expanding portals dedicated to these topics on our website. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products or let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand.

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